Basic Push Carts and Mobile Dipping Carts with Sinks


Marble slab creamery mobile cart

Looking for an Ice Cream Cart? We have exactly what you need. Our carts are the highest quality and we offer them at the lowest prices, guaranteed.

Our selection starts with the most basic push cart for ice cream bars, and ends with the most detailed dipping cart that would make even the finest mall in the country proud.

Start by clicking either the PUSH CARTS or DIPPING CARTS button below and that should lead you in the right direction.





Model BDC-8 Push Cart (pictured above) has built in Cold Plates – Holds temp for up to 12 Hours without the need for electricity or dry ice.

Blue Bunny Push Cart for novelties ice cream push carts for sale

Model BDC-8 Push Cart


Click Push Cart link below to learn more and watch video! You can also click on our FREE Push Cart Vending Business Guide below.

Italian Ice Cart Vending Business




Push carts are smaller and more affordable, dipping carts are larger and can be fit with sinks, etc. We also have a FREE guide to purchasing the right cart. You should see that below. Make sure to watch our videos. There is a YouTube link above each page on the right. If you click that it will take you to our videos page. Picture above is a Marble Slab Dipping Cart, to the right is a Blue Bunny Novelty Push Cart (BDC-8 with cold plates)

  • Lowest Price Guarantee – Even lower than buying from Nelson Direct*
  •  Built to Last – Stainless steel, not cheaper aluminum or painted steel
  •  Built in freezer cabinets that are made specifically for carts. Not like the others out there that use cheap freezers and put them on a frame with wheels and call it a cart.
  •  Featured in Yankee Stadium, Disney World and NASCAR, just to name a few
  •  Natural Rubber Wheels – not cheaper vinyl wheels that get brittle and hard in the sun
  •  Made for Ice Cream, Gelato, Italian Ice or Frozen Novelties (ice cream bars, popsicles)
  •  Custom built to meet your local health department requirements**


Start by clicking either the PUSH CARTS or DIPPING CARTS button below and that should lead you in the right direction.


Dipping Carts

Mobile Dipping Cart

Mobile Ice Cream Dipping Cart

Mobile Dipping carts are bigger than Push Carts – Primary use is for dipping ice cream, Italian ices and gelato – Can include sinks, dip well’s, canopies.



Push Carts

Push CartBasic Push Carts – Used mostly for novelties, some dipping – Lowest cost options


 *Lower than going to Nelson direct? How can this be?

Here’s how: We are the #1 distributor/dealer of Nelson Equipment in North America and the Caribbean. We move a tremendous amount of volume for Nelson. For this reason, Nelson gives TurnKey Parlor very low dealer/distributor prices. We turn around and pass these savings to our customers. A large enough portion that our price is lower than what you would get if you contacted Nelson directly. Guaranteed. **Meeting health department requirements is the customers responsibility. Talk to us for clarity on this before making your purchase.  Learn More WATCH VIDEO ON ICE CREAM PUSH CARTS BELOW (hit play button!)

The type of ice cream cart you will need depends on 
several factors. Browse the options below, then feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call (877-817-5716). We’d be happy to discuss your situation and recommend what we think is the best option to help you reach your goal.


Before browsing the options, it may be best to watch this video and get a better idea of what our Push Carts are all about, then move on to the different options. Don’t forget to sign up for our free guide to purchasing the right cart. offers the Lowest Pricing on the Highest Quality Ice Cream Carts in the Business. Simply provide your first name and E-Mail address below and you’ll gain instant access to the pricing.



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