Have you spotted an ideal location for an ice cream shop? Not sure where to start? Let us take you from idea….to Grand Opening!
Don’t let restaurant supply websites mislead you and sell you the wrong equipment. We specialize in ice cream parlor equipment, freezers, ice cream carts and more.

We’ll help you save big on your initial investment.

Our advice will also help you avoid costly mistakes. Want to buy your equipment locally? No problem, we still want to help you make more money from day one. If you decide to move forward with your planned venture, our recommended ice cream parlor business plan will prove valuable in making sure you start off on the right foot.

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commercial waffle conesOur consulting is based on more than 20 years experience in the ice cream business, including work with top national brands.

There are great franchises out there that might be a good fit for you if you meet certain criteria. But if you are more creative and want to avoid paying on-going royalties and costly up-front fees, then we can help you put together a first class store for a fraction of the cost.

You pick your brand, or make your own and we’ll help put you in business.
Looking to buy an existing store? We can help you make the right decision and get it for a fair price.

Not sure a full service ice cream parlor is what you’re looking for? No problem. There are other options requiring a lesser investment. We sell ice cream carts that are perfect for that busy city street or by the beach.

Want to set up an ice cream kiosk in a mall, university, or airport? We can help you put it together. Ice cream kiosks have proven to be very profitable concepts.

Our consulting will help take an idea and turn it into reality. By the same token, we will be “up-front” if we think you are headed in the wrong direction and suggest alternative plans.

We sell all types ice cream dipping freezers, flavor rails, storage freezers, shake machines, soft serve ice cream and yogurt machines, and more.

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