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Neil Williams – Founder –

My Story

Hello. Neil Williams here. I founded after realizing that choosing the right ice cream store equipment was confusing, especially to someone new to the business. 

A little bit about me: During 20+ years in the ice cream business, I co-founded a distribution company with my brothers, owned and operated retail ice cream shops and worked as a national account executive for Dreyer’s/Edy’s Ice Cream. I’ve scooped ice cream, driven ice cream truck routes and managed million dollar retail accounts. If you’re interested in details, you can read some of these stories on my BLOG

5 Good Reasons to Choose

1) We take personal interest in each and every sale. I give customers my cell phone number so they can easily get in touch with me should they need to.

2) We understand the ice cream business. Unlike restaurant supply websites that sell tens of thousands of items, we only carry ice cream related equipment. We don’t sell other stuff.
We are specialists and are constantly learning about the newest technology and best practices. Tell us what your plan is, and we will recommend what we think would work best. We won’t let you dump hard earned money into buying wrong equipment.

3) We constantly monitor pricing to ensure we are offering our customers the absolute lowest price and guarantee you can’t buy it for less, even direct from the manufacturer. Go ahead, challenge us.

4) is a fully authorized dealer for all manufacturers we represent. Not everyone is. In fact, many websites offer unauthorized equipment at super low prices, only to use high pressure sales tactics to sell you something else when you call them. Be careful who you choose to do business with out there. It can get ugly.

5) FREE information. There is no better place to learn about the business. We offer blog posts, e-mails, audio files and webcasts to help you learn and avoid common mistakes. The willingness to share this knowledge has been rewarded by “students” who go on to become long term customers.

Corporate Clients and Testimonials with Verifiable Contact Information

Check out the testimonials below from customers who have been kind enough to let us list their contact information. Our corporate clients have asked that we do not list contact information, but should you want to formally contact any of these clients, please let us know and  we will furnish it upon request.

Cold Stone Creamery Equipment

Cold Stone Creamery

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins

perkins restaurants

Perkins Family Restaurants

Whole Foods Gelato

Whole Foods Market

ice cream freezers

Hardee’s and Carls Jr.

rocky mountain chocolate factory ice cream

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Smoothie King Equipment

Smoothie King

Marble Slab Ice Cream equipment

Marble Slab

TCBY dipping cabinets


Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen


Verifiable Testimonials

Unlike other dealer websites, you won’t see a “- Jim from Ohio” testimonial on We include contact information, so feel free to call any of these customers and see what they say!

“Hi Neil. Love the ice cream cart and sink!  Incredible quality thanks!” Ben Bally – Uncle Bob’s Homemade Ice Cream, Eureka, IL 61530 Ph: (309)360-2211 

home made ice cream 

ice cream carts with sink uncle bobs

Uncle Bob’s – Ben Bally

ice cream mobile cart w sink uncle bobs

Ben Bally with his Nelson Cart


Nelson BD12 Dipping Cabinet

The Franklin Fountain and Nelson BD12 Dipping Cabinet

The freezer looks and works great! Ah what a relief for my staff! I’m so happy!- Eric Berley (owner) The Franklin Fountain No. 116 Market Street. Phila. PA 19106 Telephone: 215-627-1899 Electronic

Nelson Steel Lid Dipping Cabinet Franklin Fountain

Nelson BD12 Stainless Steel Dipping Cabinet Diner Style


Kaleidoscoops Ice Cream Shops
“The freezer is great!  I love
it.  It’s amazing how much better it runs than my other
Kaleidoscoops Ice Cream
5926 Kingstown Town Center
Alexandria, VA 22315
“I received my 3 dipping
cabinets and they are beautiful! Of course, if you could have seen the
“dinosaurs” I was replacing you would have gotten a good laugh! Anyway,
thank you again for all your help, and if you are ever in Honolulu, stop in
and say hi.”

Dave's Ice Cream HawaiiVickie McLaughlin – Dave’s Ice Cream – Honolulu, Hawaii



“We bought a BD6-CE-OO cold plate cart to start with last year.
We are looking at adding a second cart this year as our business
continues to grow. Thanks for all your help.”
Paganos italian icesJohn and Valerie Pagano
Pagano’s Italian Ice

The Franklin Fountain

gelato store equipment sweet melody's“The SP 9G gelato case has been the perfect catering
unit for us. We use it at weddings and other events. Easy to
transport, easy to set in place and it cools down fast after we
plug it in. We’ve also recommended this unit to our wholesale
customers as a quick and affordable way to add gelato to their
- Chuck Incorvia – Owner, Sweet Melody’s Gelato

I want to thank
for your excellent service and communication. Not if, but when I decide
to purchase another ice cream cabinet I will look to Turn Key Parlor for
my needs.  
Jaime Hirales – Super Snacker’s –
5388 E. Skyline Dr. San Tan Valley, AZ 85140 (

“Thanks so much! We look forward to working with you
in the future-this is our first dipping freezer, but we anticipate needing
more…it’s exciting. From reading your literature, it sounds like you know
what you’re doing. It’s been a pleasure!”


“We were worried
about the fact that we needed the dipping freezers shipped to
Canada, and you were with us every
step of the way, assuring us all would go well. It did!! We love our
freezers and will definitely keep you in mind for future purchases!

Holly & John Furness:

3711 Main St. West,

1SO – Phone: 905-382-3133


“Just got our SP 12H yesterday.
Thanks for the timely service. We really appreciate how you handled the late
notice address change and the follow up!”

Penny Crowley – Dry Run Party Store – 104  17 Mile
Rd Cedar Springs,  MI  49391 – Phone:  616-696-3580


“We got our freezer and are officially in the ice
cream business! We really appreciate the great price. Thank You So Much!”

Karen Brodrick – Wild Willy’s Mammoth Arcade and Ice
Cream parlor- Mammoth
Lakes, CA  Phone: 760-924-1082


It’s a perfect fit for our store.
Thanks for helping us get it all the way to Juneau. Much Appreciated!”

Julie Patz – Southeast Waffle Company – Juneau, Alaska –
Phone: 907-209-1891


“I had not heard of when I was
directed to you by Google. I will certainly use you in the future”

Faith Dentay – Brave Art Gallery and Cafe – Ontario,
Canada – 905-472-5378

Website –

The Edy’s graphics look great! Thanks for the
discounted shipping rates. And thanks for getting them here in a hurry. The
grand opening of our second store will take place as planned!

Daniel DaCosta – Cafe de la Crème – St. Croix, US Virgin

E-Mail –

At, our goal is to
listen to what our customers are planning and the ideas they have, then
try to recommend what will work best for them.

Outside of franchises, few programs
exist to help people succeed in the ice cream business. can help you:

a) operate an ice cream parlor

b) manufacture and distribute your own brand
to hotels, convenience stores and grocery stores

c) operate a fleet of ice cream carts for
special events and high traffic areas

Independently owned and operated ice
cream parlors

struggle more than franchises during the first few years due to trial
and error, so a franchise can be a safer bet. That said, sometimes it is
difficult to qualify for a franchise, or the contract for your area is
already taken.

Other reasons you might want go the independent route
are listed below.

 1) On-going royalty
payments. These cut into your profit

2) Limitations on what you can sell – not a
whole lot of room to be creative

3) If you don’t have X net worth, the
franchises may not even return a phone call

Again, I’m not saying that a franchise
is the wrong way to go. We sell equipment to plenty of franchises that
are very successful, but if you have a concept in your mind that you
believe in, then go for it as an independent!

If you make the decision to move forward as
an independent business, the first step for most is to contact a major ice cream
manufacturer or supplier/distributor. These suppliers generally have reps who are knowledgeable when it
comes to the actual product, but they simply don’t know the best places to buy
freezer equipment, what freezer equipment is actually needed, how to train
employees, etc.  They also don’t necessarily have the time to help you. They
basically want you to get your parlor open, then call them when you need ice

The lack of good information leaves
most fledgling ice cream parlor owners to learn by trial and error, seriously
hurting their chances for success.

In an effort to help prospective
parlor owners avoid common pitfalls, I created

My goal is to provide a one stop shop by gathering
information and neatly packing it into a convenient website.

Customers can see what they need, buy what they need and get the consulting
necessary to help get their ice cream business running efficiently and with the
right systems firmly in place.

If you’re interested in learning more,
please take a look at our
offers to help you get started on the right foot. But don’t feel
like you have to buy our consulting….really.

We have a ton of valuable
information that is completely free, and we promise not to spam you with
irrelevant e-mail’s. Start with our free stuff and get a feel for the business
before you spend a dime.

We look forward to helping you reach your goals!

ice cream store package deals


Ice Cream Business books

used ice cream shop equipment