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Flavorrail Topping Frezer Dispenser


Flavor-Rails (aka Fountainettes) are where the toppings are housed. Strawberry, chocolate syrup, pineapple, etc. The rail houses the toppings and the cabinet is actually an additional freezer compartment. It is great for back-up cans as well as the basic flavors used in shakes and sundaes (usually vanilla, chocolate and strawberry will be dipped out of this cabinet).



Nelson BDF4 (above left)
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Nelson BDF6
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Nelson BDF8
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Nelson BDF10
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Nelson BDF12 

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 Specifications  BDF4  BDF6 BDF8 BDF10  BDF12
 Ship Weight  260  325 345  370  430
 Cu. Ft. Capacity  7.5  13  17.5  23 28
 Total  3 Gallon Ice Cream Tubs  7  13  19  25  33
 Compressor  1/3 h.p.  1/3 h.p.  1/3 h.p.  1/3 h.p.  1/2 h.p.
 Amps  8  8  8  8  8
 Electric  115v.  115v.  115v.  115v.  115v.


Pump, Ladle & Jar Kits



Kit #1: 1 Chocolate Pump, 1 Syrup Pump, 3 ladles with covers, 5 2-qt white jars.

Kit #2: 1 Choc Pump, 3 syrup pumps, 6 ladles with covers, 10 2-qt white jars.

Exclusive Digital Thermostat means you hit your perfect customized temperature 100% of the time. This little feature is a BIG deal. Pictured above on the left.


Nelson BDF8 Flavor rail topping cabinet


Nelson Flavor-rail cabinets include clog-free condensing units and are built to be installed against the wall with compressor air venting in/out thru the front.  This construction allows the flavor-rail cabinet to be pushed against the wall and built in on both sides.

Nelson make more sizes of flavor-rail cabinets than any other manufacturer.

For more Flavor rail options, pricing and technical specification information please click here.


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Nelson Flavorrail

Ice Cream Topping Rail


Perfect preservation of product quality and flavor…continuous failure free operation that virtually eliminates maintenance…absolute minimum of operating costs…these are the advantages offered by Nelson’s superior design and construction which can only be measured over long periods in terms of service and value. Since 1898, the industry’s finest equipment for the protection of quality and flavor in ice cream and frozen foods. has the lowest prices on the highest quality ice cream topping
equipment guaranteed! We guarantee lower pricing than going to direct to the



  • One piece 22 ga. 304 stainless steel, all corners welded (no corner
    pieces or raw edges, ever)
  • Galvanized steel reinforced sub-top beneath the stainless top
  • Anti-condensate heater wires on galvanized sub-top to prevent
    condensation on cabinet top,
  • Galvanized steel interior. Optional 22 ga. 304 stainless steel exterior
    and 24 ga. stainless steel interior
  • Copper tubing cold wall type evaporator attached to liner wall
  • Forced air condensing unit (clog free design on all BD models) on
    glide-out base for efficient operation and built-in applications
  • Base of cabinet to be constructed of 16 ga. Galvanized steel, Poured-in
    place urethane foam insulation with a minimum “K” factor of .13
  • Lids to be stainless steel top with poured urethane foam insulation and
    hinged in the center with rubber handles
  • Freezer lid gaskets to be of a molded, one piece, high impact grade ABS
  • Cabinet to be equipped with a 7-ft power cord, 3 wire, grounded, dead
    front construction
  • Unit to be NSF & ETL approved.





topping bar with pumps and ladlestopping bar with pumps  for ice cream store

Click here for pricing, product description and technical specs for the Mini Topping Bar with Pumps and Ladles pictured above.

 Watch the video below for more information on flavor rails:



The Silver King which has a refrigerator and optional attachable dry storage cabinet is a very valuable piece of equipment, please call us at 877-817-5716 for more information and pricing on this unit.

flr-80 masterbilt flavor rail


Masterbilt FLR-80 Flavor Rail Model Pictured above, click here for pricing.


For more Flavor rail options, pricing and technical specification information please click here.


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