Used Kiosk

ASK US ABOUT OUR KIOSK SPECIFIC CONSULTING PACKAGE! This Kiosk just SOLD:-(  (sign up below for used equipment updates by e-mail) Perfect for any mall. Kiosk comes complete with two 2 Ft dipping cabinets (each displaying 4 flavors for a total of 8 flavors on display), small three compartment sink and dipping well, hot and cold running water (must have an outside water source), cash register area with cutout for cord, Beverage air under-counter refrigerator, topping bar cutout, and storage space inside of awning. Awning is completely removable and comes with a lighted menu board. Use in a mall or shopping center or install in ice cream store for specialty ice creams. This unit is built on one chassis so that it may be easily pushed around to accommodate the operator.