USED Dipping Freezers (TKP Models)

Updated 7/13/2021 The truth about USED dipping cabinets is, generally, there value depreciates more quickly than other similar types of equipment (like a soft serve machine for instance). and because dipping cabinets generally weight more   If you are still looking for an economy friendly dipping cabinet , our TKP cabinets are the perfect choice. We offer both TKP Dip models, which are made for solid ice cream, and the TKP Gel models, where are made for gelato! These cabinets are affordable for anyone on a budget, comes in multiple sizes, and also look like any high end cabinet that is on the market!   for TKP-DIP Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets CLICK HERE for TKP-GEL Gelato Dipping Cabinets CLICK HERE Watch this video to get an idea of what the inside of the TKPDIP cabinets look like! This video is of a TKP cabinet, that is racked with Ropak lids.
    WHY BUY¬† USED WHEN YOU CAN BUY A BRAND SPANKING NEW DIPPING CABINET FOR LESS THAN A USED ONE? Click on the Freezer Model Below to see a picture and more details:
Universal Nolin 16 flavor Dip Freezer
Kelvinator 8 flavor Dip Freezer
Universal Nolin 8 flavor Dip Freezer