Key Equipment Needed When Opening a Frozen Yogurt Store

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What is the key equipment you need to open a frozen yogurt store? This article is an excerpt from our FREE Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt Business Guide – Click the link HERE for our E-book download page!

Key Equipment Needed When Opening a Frozen Yogurt Store


Key Equipment See Machine Reviews at end of this post

Machinery – What Works Best? Stoelting,Taylor, Electro Freeze or Spaceman USA?. The answer: All of these can be good choices. Depends on your budget and goals.

A little bit about soft serve machines. Some of what I mention here will be obvious to many of you, but I’m writing this book with the thought that you have no idea at all about the equipment or the soft serve business.

First off, soft serve is simply a type of frozen desert that hasn’t been hardened.

When looking for a machine, one of the first things you have to consider is the machines capacity.

Capacity is almost always measured by how many servings per minute the machine yields. High volume machines can generally yield 7 four ounce servings per minute. This is ideal if you have one machine at a concession where there is a long line and the machine is constantly being hit hard. It has to “recover” quickly. Medium volume machines yield about 4 four ounce servings and low volume machines yield about 1 to 2 four ounce servings per minute.

For self serve operations with multiple machines, you don’t need high volume machines. Medium volume machines are perfect for a self serve frozen yogurt store. It doesn’t make sense to go with high capacity/volume machines because these require more power and will increase your overhead unnecessarily.

Soft serve machines store “mix” in the “hopper”. The mix then goes into the barrel to be frozen, and churned by a “dasher”.

Key features on the newer machines that are critically important include “low mix alarms”.  If the barrel isn’t full, the mix might freeze solid and this will keep the dasher from turning. A frozen barrel can cause the dasher bars to bend or worse, damage the compressor.

The low mix alarm will shut down the compressor automatically if someone doesn’t respond to the low mix alarm. It will re-start periodically, but will keep shutting down until someone adds mix to the machine.

Water cooled vs. Air Cooled. If you have good ventilation, you can go air cooled. If ventilation is an issue, water cooled is a better option. If you have more than 6 machines, there is a water cooled option called a “glycol system” which might be a good option. It’s not cheap at about $15k, but it protects the machines and keeps your air conditioner from working overtime.



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