Italian Ice Carts

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Italian ice is rapidly becoming an American
favorite. Some Italian Ice vendors refer to their products as water
, some as soft frozen lemonade.
Regardless of the name, ices are generally best served at
temperatures warmer than those used to serve ice cream.   With
the exclusive Nelson Digital Thermostat, you can set your cart for
exactly the temperature you want.  Check out the videos below,
then read on for more information.

Brand New – as affordable as $1,699 and as
sophisticated as $12,000.  Buying a cart can be tricky so make sure
you educate yourself. The cart you buy will depend largely on the
product you plan to offer. Watching our videos below will help. If
you’re serious about the business, consider our affordable ice cream and
Italian ice business consulting packages starting at $99. Lastly, don’t
forget to request an e-mail with pricing on our full line of




  Non-Refrigeration – CLT-4 Model         


Refrigerated Cold-Plate BDC-8 Model         

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Other Italian Ice Cart
manufacturers use cheap convenience store type freezers imported from China,
then try to modify them for specialized use outdoors in high ambient
temperatures. This is a short cut that often becomes problematic for the
operator. So, before you purchase an Italian ice cart from another company, ask
them if they make their own freezers.

Many competitors who use
cheap convenience store freezers for their carts will state that their freezer
is NSF and UL/ETL listed. While that may be true, it does not mean that the
Italian ice carts they produce meets the standards of UL/ETL or NSF for a
finished product that is suitable for the intended end use, which is often
outdoors. In short, if you are scooping or selling outdoors with these other
carts, you could be violating the code.

All Nelson Italian ice
carts are manufactured 100% in the USA and feature stainless steel bottoms on
the interiors of the carts.  When you have the inevitable accident of
having melted product, particularly with frozen ices and other products that
have citric acids, you won’t worry about corrosion in your carts.  They are
built to last.

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BD6-DIPCE-03 Mobile Scooping Cart with Sink

Italian Ice Dipping Cart

BD8-DIPCE-04 Mobile Scooping Cart with Sink
& Dip-well System   

BD6-DIPCE-02 Visual Type Mobile Scooping
Cart with Dip-well System    

Visual Dipping Can/Pan Racking Systems

BD8-CE-01 Mobile Scooping Cart with Canopy

BD8-CE-05 Mobile Scooping Cart with Triple
Bowl Sink

Italian Ice Cart for Outdoor events

BD4-DIPCE-02 Mobile Scooping Cart
w/Dip-well System

BD6-CE-02 Mobile Scooping Cart with
Dip-well system

The type of ice cream cart you will need depends on several factors. Feel
free to pick up the phone and give us a call (877-817-5716). We’d be happy to
discuss your situation and recommend what we think is the best option to help
you reach your goal. Or e-mail us:
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Want to Dip Italian Ice out of Your

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