Italian Ice Vending  FREE Business Book Guide

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Free Italian Ice Vending Business Book

Cart Type:  Which Cart is Right for Me?

  •  Dry Ice , Refrigerated, or Cold Plate? Sink & Dip Well?

Investment: How much do I Need to Start?

  •  Start up costs for Novelties, Italian Ice, Ice Cream or Gelato 

 Profitability: How Much Can I Expect to Make?

  •   Profitability for different types of products, locations

     Location: Where Will I set up Shop?

  •  Where to sell and how to find the best locations 

 Products: What will I sell and Where will I get it?

  •  Pro’s and Con’s: Italian Ice, Ice Cream, Gelato, Novelties

 Health Department: Who do I talk to? What do they need?

  •  Licensing, Food Handling Cards, etc.

 Marketing: How do I Market My Vending Business?

  •  Signage, Product Quality, Pricing

 Planning: How do I get Started?

  •  Steps (Checklist) needed to make your venture a reality