How to Set Your Ice Cream Freezer Thermostat to Hit the Optimal Scooping Temperature

  •  Ice Cream is Best Scooped at a temperature
    of zero to +6 degrees F

  • Gelato is Best Scooped at a Temperature range of zero to
    +12 degrees F. Depends a lot on the gelato

  •  Italian Ice is Best Served at a Temperature of
    +10 to +18 degrees F

  •  Custard is Best Served at +10 to +20 degrees  F

Most thermostats are the “dial” type. Some have numbers, some simply
have a screw that you turn clockwise or counterclockwise. Some
freezers have digital thermostats, which are ideal. The thermostat
is most commonly found by removing (unscrewing) the grill (vent).
Regardless of what type of thermostat dial you’re dealing with, you
need to understand that you should only adjust the dial one
number at a time
, up or down. When you re-adjust the dial, you
have to be patient and wait 2 days to see where the average
temperature settles. Only at this time can you determine if it needs
another adjustment. If it does, you repeat this step. Again, you
only adjust the dial one number at a time and wait two days to see
where it settles. You repeat this process until you find the sweet
spot. You need to be patient because  the freezer compressor turns
on and off intermittently while working its way toward the dial
setting.Other factors that come into play when finding your optimal dipping
temperature include the flavors that you are scooping. Yes, some
flavors are “softer” than others. For example, flavors like Rum
Raisin or anything caramel based can be soft while some of the other
flavors are at perfect scooping temperature. Chocolate is famous for
being rock solid and virtually “unscoopable” when other flavors are
at a good scooping temp.How do you deal with this? The best way is to make sure that the
flavors like chocolate stay out of the corners of the cabinet. Put
the hard flavors in the middle of the freezer. Put your softest
flavors in the corners. The reason you put soft flavors in the
corners is because in this spot they are up against two freezer
walls. The corners are the coldest area in the freezer. In the
middle, the tub is only up against one  wall and therefore the
middle is a little warmer than the corner.I know many of you already know this, but I’m hoping that some of
you will benefit from the information.



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