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Our Best Selling Ice Cream Cold Plate Carts

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These carts hold temperature for 8-12 hours without electricity or dry ice!


Our best selling cart, the BDC-8 has the original, built in cold plates that will keep product below zero for up to 12 hours if it is plugged in the night before and “charged up.”


If you need a cart that will hold temp all day without electricity or dry ice, this is the cart. If you are seriously considering this cart, please make sure you read this entire page, as it has a lot of information you need to review and answers a lot of common questions.


If you’re going to have access to power, you can just keep the cart plugged in and it will operate like a regular freezer. It has a complete refrigeration unit. You can adjust the temperature if you want. You can also store the cart unplugged for long periods of time. You don’t have to worry about operating it, then turning it off and storing if for weeks or months. If you want to use the cart to store your product long term, you can just keep it plugged in.


Check out our free Vending Cart Guide HERE for a more in depth view of successful cart vending strategies! Then come back and keep reading for more Ice cream cart options!



BDC8 Cold Plate Cart Options

BDC8 Cold Plate Ice Cream Cart (No Canopy)

BDC8 Cold Plate Ice Cream Cart (with Canopy)

Two (2) BDC8 Ice Cream Carts for Sale


Add $150 for an umbrella (SEE UPDATED PRICING HERE)– or buy your own locally – the bracket holds any standard umbrella. The come in a few different colors if you want one without text. The color combos are blue/white, yellow/white, red/white!


BDC8 Non Cold Plate Options

Nelson BDC8-NR without Refrigeration

BDC8-NCP Ice Cream Push Cart with Refrigeration

We also offer small ice cream cart package deals which offer big savings! You can see them on our e-store HERE!

If you are feeling confused about what machine would be right for you, I highly encourage you to view our entire Vending Cart Business Guide HERE, which will go over the very basics. Then come back, and if you have anymore questions, feel free to reach out to our team at


If no graphics are ordered from us, the carts ship with plain white “lexan” – which is like plexiglass, and you can apply the vinyl decals to those panels.

Most people have the graphics done locally, in vinyl decals as an example, since you can do that for a lot less and it still looks really nice. Going to a local printer will save you some $.


Click HERE for a good trailer option for towing the cart or carts.

Or click HERE for a “towable option”. This option adds $1200 to the abovetotal including shipping. But be careful if you choose this “towable” option.

The cart is “fixed” to the trailer, which means you won’t be able to roll the cart inside and through standard doors, etc. So this option, while convenient to transport the cart, can be inconvenient in other ways.

Click HERE for a good, inexpensive way to meet the requirement in some counties for a hand washing station.

Click HERE for a list of Italian Ice Suppliers in your state.

Click HERE for a good option for storing your ice cream bars and tubs or Italian ices.

Italian ice, water ice, other products must be specified at time of order for other temperatures.

Model BDC8 Ice Cream Push Car (UPDATED PRICING):

  • Capacity 8.5 cu.ft.
  • Approx 850 Novelties or (6) 3-gal cans top +(4) lower storage, 10 ice cream tubs total.
  • Cold Plates Standard
  • 1/3 h.p. compressor
  • R404a refrigerant
  • 115 volts, 6 amps

Model BDC6 Ice Cream Push Cart (UPDATED PRICING):

  • Capacity 6 cu.ft.
  • Approx 500 Novelties
  • Cold Plates Standard
  • 1/3 h.p. Compressor
  • R-404a refrigerant
  • 115 v., 6 amps

Model BDC10 Ice Cream Push Cart (UPDATED PRICING):

  • Capacity 21 cu. ft.
  • Approx 2100 novelties, 12 3-gal cans facing + 10 storage
  • Cold Plates Standard
  • 1/2 hp. compressor
  • R404a refrigerant
  • 115v., 8 amps


Looking for even more ice cream push carts? We have bigger and smaller options available on our e-store!