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Used Frozen Yogurt Machines Taylor C723 Six units 2012 with Flavor Burst Machine Water Cooled 3 phase

February 24, 2015

DSC_0131 (2)


Six beautiful Taylor C723 machines. One of them with the Flavor Burst option, which can help set your store apart from all the others. Made in 2012, excellent condition. These units are counter top units put on specially made stainless steel table to make them easy to move and clean around.

$47,900 includes the flavorburst. We will ship them for free to any of the 48 states. You will also get up to $1500 in warranty funds for any training, parts or service needed within the first 90 days of operation (up to six months after they ship). A glycol chiller can be included for an extra $4,900.

With the Flavor Burst option, not only can you add 8 more flavors, but you can mix and match them for endless creations! Just use the fun and easy touch screen to select the flavor or flavors you would like to add and pull the handle down and watch as the bright flavors mix in. Try just Green Apple – or add Caramel too for a Caramel Apple. Try just Bubble Gum – or add Grape too for Grape Bubble Gum. AND it’s not just for kids! Try Mocha Cappuccino for the adults too! Add a new spin to your store with FLAVOR BURST! Want just the one machine with the flavorburst?   $11,900 includes shipping. Want just the flavorburst? $4900 includes shipping. Want just one of these counter top machines? $8,900 includes shipping

See more pictures HERE



Used Frozen Yogurt Machines – Full Store w six Stoelting F-231 Water cooled Three phase machines

February 9, 2015


$49,900 Full Store Worth Of equipment Featuring Six Stoelting F-231 Machines – 3 phase, water cooled.

We will pay up to $2000 in shipping costs (can be anywhere from $1500 to $5,000 depending on where you are) plus we will give you a $1,000 warranty for any service parts or training needed within the first 90 days of operating the machines.


Equipment List below. See pictures  HERE and  HERE


6 F231 Stoelting Machines (3 phase water,new in 2013)
2 A frame Signs
Asst High Bar stools
Asst White yogurt chairs
3 Message boards
1 plasma TV
1 I rock / I pad jukebox
2 Sunrise POS System with Text Messaging
2 Scales
1 Hot Fudge/ Caramel Warming station
2 Blenders
1 Ghirardelli tray stand
2 Small fridges
1 Large 2 door Glass fridge
1 Open Sign
1 lighted marker Sign
3 Decorative wall Circles
1 Cold Plate (cold topping bar)
Asst Toppings containers with spoons
3 Canister bottoms Bar
1 Double Yogurt Cup Dispenser
1 Small Freezer Chest
4 Tables
1 Bench Seating
Security Camera System
All small wares

Used Frozen Yogurt Machines – Five Taylor Model C713

January 27, 2015

Five Used Taylor Model C713 made in 2011 put into action in 2012. Excellent condition – $29,900 gets all 5 units. This is a no brainer. We pay up to $1,000 in shipping costs – which could range from $1,000 to $2500. You also get a $1,000 warranty fund for any training, parts or service needed within the first 90 days of operating the machines. 3 PHASE, AIR COOLED














Used Frozen Yogurt Machines and Equipment – 7 Machines + Assorted Equipment

January 17, 2015

$29,900 gets you Seven (7) Donper Frozen Yogurt Machines (2 flavor with twist) model BH7480 + Assorted Store Equipment. We pitch in $1500 toward shipping and include a $1,000 warranty to pay for any training, parts or service needed the first 90 days of operation or for up to 6 months after you receive the machines.


I expect this deal to sell the day we send this email out. This deal is similar to the one that went out last week for $25k. These machines are a little newer, (about 2 years old). The last deal sold about 30 minutes after the email went out, so if you like this deal, don’t wait to long to secure it. To secure this deal as yours, you need to either wire the $$ same day, or put a $2500 credit card deposit and wire the balance within 24 hours.

$29,900 – we pay up to $1500 shipping + limited warranty

7 Donper Two Flavor Twist/Floor Mode Single Phasel Air Cooled BH7480 $76,488.00
32 Chairs/8 Tables/3 High Chairs $987.00
7 Flavor Screens $797.76
1 POS System/Café Cartel $3,334.00
1 Fire Extinguisher $24.00
2 Two Door Refrigerator (2 for total 4 doors) $8,600.00
Food Storage Containers $326.00
1 Cold Station/Topping Bar $2,317.50
1 Counter Top Refrigerator $443.00
Servers (Tongs, spoons, whips) $53.76
1 Carmel/Fudge Hot Dispenser Heated $497.29
1 Prep Table 60 x 30 $265.00
1 3 Compartment Sink/Pre Rinse $580.00
9 Sneeze Guards Feet $460.00
2 Sneeze Guards Glass $450.00
1 Corian Top and Yogurt Frames $3,740.00
1 Safe $325.47
1 Faucet 3 compartment sink $250.00
2 Outdoor tables/4 Chairs $150.00
3 Wire Shelving 8 ft. tall $300.00
2 Metal Trash Containers $25.00
1 7 Ft. Custom Made Candy Display Shelf $1,500.00
Assorted Candy Containers/Display $1,000.00


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Used Frozen Yogurt Store Equipment – 7 Donper Machines + Full Store Contents

January 6, 2015

frozen yogurt equipment store for sale in

$25,000 full store equipment featuring Seven (7) Donper Machines

I expect this store to sell the same day this deal is published, so if you’re interested, don’t wait. I’ll have other deals, but probably not quite this good. All equipment is approximately 2 years old. Store opened in 2012. All equipment still in shop, waiting to be picked up. Your cost $25k. Seller paid over $100k just 2 years ago. Please do not bother bidding lower. We won’t take it. Normally, this store would sell for closer to $45k used. This is a real steal – seller is desperate and is moving out of state. Doesn’t have time for a long drawn out process and asked me where he could price it and sell it fast. Well here you go, his loss is your gain. Not only do you get this ridiculously low price, but we will pay up to $1500 of your shipping costs and include an up to $1500 warranty for any parts, training or service needed within 90 days of starting to operate the machines (or 6 months, whatever comes first).

Equipment list is not exact. Seller doesn’t have time to provide exact model #’s on all the periperal equipment. Rest assured everything is good equipment and in working order. You will get lots of goodies with this. Store is in the Northeast, so if you want to drive a truck up and get it yourself, pick up price is $23,500. Payment must be made by wire transfer. Don’t have the cash today, but want to lock in the deal? Pay $2500 with a credit card as long as you agree to finalize payment by wire transfer within 72 hours.

Basic Equipment list and pictures below:
7 Donper Model BH7456 frozen yogurt machines, air cooled, 2 flavor + twist
3 refrigerator/freezer convertibles
1 full freezer
3 heavy duty metal, 5 shelf, rolling, storage units
1 refrigerated topping bar (72 inches)
2 station, POS system, touchscreen, w/ scales
1 portable freezer, with glass sliding top
1 beverage dispenser, glass front
1, 20 item bulk candy dispenser
2 steel kitchen tables
misc kitchen iems
misc decorations
2 tvs


















Used Taylor Model 794-33 Air Cooled 3 Phase

December 18, 2014


 Three (3) Used Taylor Model 794-33


Machines are Model 794-33 air cooled 3 phase, made in 2008, in great working condition.  Fully tested in our warehouse.

Used Taylor 794-33 Air Cooled Machines 20140118_155556 20140118_155606 20140118_155631 20140118_155710 20140118_155913

NOTE 1: We do not provide training or support or installation of Taylor machines. You will want to contact your local Taylor company and ask them what the cost is for them to come out and train you on the machines. This is a good idea if you have never used machines. Typically, it runs around $500-$750. If you have an existing shop, and already understand the machines, then fine – you can get away without the training. But if you are new to this type of machinery, it’s a good idea to get trained. We can help you with the basics of the phone, but again, a certified tech visit is a good idea.
WARNING: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A LICENSED ELECTRICIAN INSTALL THE MACHINES. We are not responsible for the machines (after a 2 week warranty period) – so make sure your electrician reads the spec sheet carefully to determine the electrical needs. Keep in mind these are 3 PHASE machines, and you need to have 3 phase power installed to use the machines. We cannot accept returns due not having 3 phase in your building.

NOTE 2:The machines will be fully insured against shipping damage, but only if you report the damage when you receive them. Meaning, if its cosmetic damage like a major dent we didn’t tell you about, make sure you note it on the paperwork (remember, these are used, so they do have some small dents, dings, and scratches, etc.). We can then file a claim for . If its major damage, as in, they stabbed the machine with a forklift or you can obviously tell it was dropped and damaged,  you NEED to make sure you communicate this clearly on the paperwork and make sure you call us and the shipping company to get it documented. If its major damage, an inspector will come out and work with us to determine a course of action – ie. get a tech out there to fix it, at the carrier’s expense. Remember, if you or someone representing you receives the machines without inspecting them, and then later finds damage, it will not be a good day for either of us. Damage needs to be documented upon receipt or we have little recourse. We pay the highest end shipping in order to avoid problems, and have never had a shipping company damage machines, but you still need to be aware of the policies.



Used Frozen Yogurt Machines + Full Store Equipment – Sweet Frog closing down

November 30, 2014

SORRY THIS DEAL HAS SOLD Seller has other stores that are doing great, but picked the wrong location for this store and wants to shut it down. Don’t delay – this one is hot and gets you everything you need. Complete store worth of equipment, featuring six Stoelting F-231 frozen yogurt machines (3 water cooled, 3 air cooled – all single phase) –  You would needed to spend at least $120k to get all this equipment just 2 years ago. Everything is in excellent condition. Your price is $59,900 and we pay up to $2500 in shipping costs. We also include a $2000 warranty to be used for any training, service or parts needed withing the first 3 months of operating the machines. And we won’t start the warranty clock until you open your store.

stoelting yogurt store machines used

  •  Six (6) Stoelting F-231 Machines (Spec Sheet)
  • Freezer
  • Coolers
  • POS System (2 terminal with scales, etc)
  • cold toppings bar with sneeze guard
  • dry toppings bar with sneeze guard
  • all sinks
  • all furniture
  • all smallwares
  • back room shelving/racking
  • safe
  • and more

yogurt store topping bars used yogurt store shelving yogurt candy topping bar counter yogur shop machines used used yogurt store machines for sale stoelting used yogurt store fridge used stoelting yogurt shop machines for sale used point of sale system yogurt store used frozen yogurt store toppings bar used 3 bay sink for sale used 2 door yogurt store freezer used 2 door stainless freezer

stoelting yogurt store machines used POP TOWARD LEFT SIDE MACHINES TOWARD TOPPINGS BAR MACHINES TOWARD FRONT WINDOWS frozen yogurt cup dispensers  use-HAND-SINK counter topping bar rail used for yogurt shop stoelting yogurt store machines used

Used Taylor Yogurt Machines for Sale

Five (5) Used Taylor Machines – Two Model 336 and Three Model 794. All 5 units are Single Phase, Air Cooled. Made in 2011. Excellent working condition. $37,900 gets all 5 units. This includes shipping to any of the 48 states. Also included a $1500 warranty fund. This means you are covered up to $1500 for up to six months after receiving the machines for any training, service or parts. Buy just the two 336’s for $15,900. Buy just the three 794’s for $24,900.


Used Taylor 794 SPEC SHEET

Used Taylor 336-27 SPEC SHEET

Used Taylor Yogurt Machines for Sale

Used Taylor 336

used taylor ice cream machines






Used Taylor C723 (8 machines) + Full Store equipment – Walk in cooler, toppings bars, POS System, etc

November 29, 2014

Seller paid approximately $175k for the equipment. Machines are a year old.

Eight Taylor C-723’s – water cooled, 3 phase frozen yogurt machines with agitator. Plus pretty much everything you need to open your store. You save almost $100k.

Your price is $69,900 – we pay up to $1500 in shipping costs. Depending on what part of the country you plan to open, shipping costs can range from $2k to $5k. You also get a $1500 warranty fund to draw from. You can use this warranty fund for any training, service or parts needed within the first 6 months of operating the machines. The machines are in excellent working condition.

These aren’t just any machines. These are almost new Taylor C-723 machines with the hopper agitator.  This  is a great feature (costs $1k), as it keeps the yogurt mixed in the hopper and therefore keeps it fresher.

Click here for EQUIPMENT LIST page 1

Click here for EQUIPMENT LIST page 2

Used Taylor C723 spec sheet

eight used taylor machines for sale used





















used taylor c723-33 used taylor c723 yogurt machine





















used taylor ice cream machines used yogurt machines
















used yogurt store toppings bar   yogurt cup dispenser used used yogurt store equipment for sale used walk in cooler for yogurt store used toppings counter for yougurt candy toppings used 3 bowl sink yogurt store used hot fudge machine and vitamix blender


used model 723 taylor

Hopper Agitators – Keep Yogurt mix fresh – $1,000 option


Used Stoelting F-231 Frozen Yogurt Store Machines

November 20, 2014

Used Stoelting F-231 air cooled single phase

Used Stoelting F-231 air cooled single phase

Four (4) Used Stoelting Model F-231 Machines. Excellent Condition. Barely 3 years old. Used for about 2.5 years.

Air Cooled, Single Phase. About as easy as it gets. $29,900

FREE SHIPPING to 48 states. Used Stoelting F-231 Machines. Ship from North Carolina. Save $2k if you can pick them up. Pick up price is $27,900.
Machines are less than 3 years old, excellent working condition. Fully tested with mix prior to shipping. Up to $1,000 in warranty
funds for any parts, service or training in the first 6 months.