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How to Choose The Right Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine for your business

November 7, 2020

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Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream Machine: A Buyer’s Guide


Starting a soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt business and don’t know where to start? We can help. Find out what soft serve machines will be the best for your customers in this snippet of our Soft Serve Buyer’s Guide:


Here at TurnKey Parlor we know that starting a soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt business is a lot more complicated than eating ice cream and frozen yogurt. We pride ourselves in helping our customers with the process of bringing their business from an idea to their grand opening! We have decades of experience in the frozen dessert industry and never hesitate to share the ins & outs with our customers so they can achieve maximum success in their business. We have put together a FREE Soft Serve Machine Buying Guide for you weigh your options and make the best decisions on what equipment you’re going to need to make your dreams a reality.



What machine is right for me?


Choosing the right machine is a fairly complicated process, but we will try to simplify it by reviewing the things you need to take into consideration. Learn the differences between:

  1. Air Cooled vs. Water Cooled
  2. Single Phase vs. Three Phase
  3. Gravity vs. Pressurized
  4. USA Made vs. Imported
  5. Single Plus vs. Two Plug

Choosing the best ice cream or frozen yogurt machine for your business does not need to be a guessing game!

For a more in depth analysis of all things related to soft serve ice cream machines, check out our this newest and more up to date article!

You can Download the Soft Serve Machine Buying Guide HERE or click the photo below!


3 used taylor model c723 made in 2013 plus equipment $22,900

November 24, 2019

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Spec Sheet

November 4, 2018

Ice Cream machine spec sheets – Taylor, Stoelting, Electro Freeze Note: We cannot guarantee all of these spec sheets are completely up to date.
spec sheet Taylor 104 – Spec Sheet for Batch Ice Cream Freezer (104)
spec sheet Taylor 336 – Spec Sheet for Taylor Soft Serve Freezer (336)
spec sheet Taylor 432 – Spec Sheet for Taylor Frozen Beverage Freezer (432)
spec sheet Taylor 490 – Spec Sheet for Taylor Shake Freezer (490)
spec sheet Taylor 632 – Spec Sheet for Soft Serve Combination Freezer (632)
spec sheet Taylor 702 – Spec Sheet for Taylor Soft Serve Freezer (702)
spec sheet Taylor 741 – Spec Sheet for Taylor Soft Serve Single pump Freezer (741)
spec sheet Taylor 772 – Spec Sheet for Taylor two flavor Soft Serve Freezer (772)
spec sheet Taylor 791 – Spec Sheet for Taylor Soft Serve Freezer (791)
spec sheet Taylor 794 – Spec Sheet for Taylor Soft Serve Freezer (794)
spec sheet Taylor 8752 – Spec Sheet for Taylor single pump Soft Serve Freezer (8752)
spec sheet Taylor 8756 – Spec Sheet for Taylor twin pump Soft Serve Freezer (8756)
spec sheet Taylor C001 – Spec Sheet for Taylor Continuious Dispensing Custard Freezer (C001)
spec sheet Taylor C002 – Spec Sheet for Taylor Continuious Dispensing Custard Freezer (C002)
spec sheet Taylor C043 -Spec Sheet for Taylor Continuious Dispensing Custard Dispenser ( C 043 / C043 / C-043 )
spec sheet Taylor C122 – Spec Sheet for Taylors ( C122 / C 122 / C-122)
spec sheet Taylor C161 – Spec Sheet for Taylors ( C161 / C 161 / C-161 )
spec sheet Taylor C606 – Spec Sheet for Taylors ( C606 / C 606 / C-606 )
spec sheet Taylor C706 – Spec Sheet for Taylors ( C706 / C 706 / C-706 )
spec sheet Taylor C707 – Spec Sheet for Taylors ( C707 / C 707 / C-707 )
spec sheet Taylor C708 – Spec Sheet for Taylors ( C708 / C 708 / C-708 )
spec sheet Taylor C709 – Spec Sheet for Taylors ( C709 / C 709 / C-709 )
spec sheet Taylor C712 – Spec Sheet for Taylors ( C712 / C 712 / C-712 )
spec sheet Taylor C713 – Spec Sheet for Taylors ( C713 / C 713 / C-713 )
spec sheet Taylor C716 – Spec Sheet for Taylors ( C716 / C 716 / C-716 )
spec sheet Taylor C717 – Spec Sheet for Taylors ( C717 / C 717 / C-717 )
spec sheet Taylor C722 – Spec Sheet for Taylors ( C722 / C 722 / C-722 )
spec sheet Taylor C722 ADA – Spec Sheet for Taylors ( C722 ADA / C 722 ADA / C-722 ADA )
spec sheet Taylor C723 – Spec Sheet for Taylors ( C723 / C 723 / C-723 )
spec sheet Taylor C723 ADA – Spec Sheet for Taylors ( C723 ADA / C 723 ADA / C-723 ADA )

Soft Serve Machines – Electrical Things You Need To Know About

November 5, 2017

1. 110/115V (volts) vs. 208/230V (volts)

99% of soft serve machines are 208/230 volt. You can’t just plug them into a standard outlet. You will need to have an electrician wire them to make sure it’s done properly. You are essentially manufacturing ice cream quickly, and that requires higher level electrical power than a standard ice cream dipping freezer or blender for example. A handful of lower volume/capacity machines with 115 volt electrical do exist. These machines will plug into a standard outlet. But keep in mind these are VERY light duty machines. You only want to go with a 115v machine if you simply don’t have any other choice. 115V machines are only made in single flavor. In other words, since they are low power, low capacity, they can only handle one flavor. You won’t find a good quality two flavor with a twist machine that is made with 115v power and a standard plug. If you find machines on the market that advertise 110V power, with 2 flavors, run the other way. We know of these machines, and they aren’t very good.  

2. 60HZ vs 50HZ

All machines manufactured in the USA are 60HZ, matching the country’s electrical frequency, which is 60 HZ. Machines manufactured for many international countries are 50HZ. WARNING: If you are an international buyer (outside of the USA) please make sure your country uses 60HZ electricity (also known as 60 cycle or 50 cycle). If your country is runs on a 50HZ electrical frequency, you won’t be able to buy used machines from the USA. You will be limited to buying new USA machines. If you are totally confused, please call us before you make any purchase. In the most basic terms, if your country’s electrical frequency is 60HZ, you are in luck, because you can take advantage of our great deals on used machines.  

3. Single phase vs Three phase

All locations have single phase power (aka 1PH), but they may not have three phase power. Most commercial locations typically have 3 phase power (aka 3PH) . Older buildings normally don’t have 3 phase power. Machines come in either 1PH or 3PH. So if you aren’t sure if your location has 3 phase power, you may not be able to use a 3 phase machine. You can always use a single phase machine. Why do 3 phase power machines exist? 3 phase power is a little less expensive to run as far as electrical usage. Three phase machines also run on less amps. So if your electrical service is low amps, you might be better off with 3 phase machines (again, assuming you have 3PH in the building)
Three phase won’t save you that much when you are running only a couple of machines, but when you are running a lot of machines, it can help reduce your electric bill. In certain situations, a customer’s location might not have 3 phase power in the electrical box, but there is 3 phase power in the building, so it may not cost that much to have an electrician put 3 phase in the breaker box. This is one situation where you might say,“That’s a great deal for that 3 phase machine, and it’s only $500 to have the electrician wire 3 phase into our electrical box, so let’s do it.”
But again, remember, putting 3 phase in the panel is only going to be a low cost deal if there is 3 phase coming into the building off the outside power company electrical pole.If there isn’t 3 phase power connected to the building to begin with, then forget about 3 phase machines. It could cost $15 to $20k to bring 3 phase into a building. In this situation, just understand that you are limited to single phase machines. So the simple question to ask the landlord or electrician is: DO I HAVE 3 PHASE IN MY LOCATION?

For more information on buying a soft serve ice cream machine, feel free to download our FREE Soft Serve Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Machine FREE Buying Guide.

Ice Cream Machine Book If you have questions about soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt machines, feel free to give us a call. We sell all the major brands new and used. 877-817-5716

Buying a New vs. Used Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

August 18, 2017

Buying a New vs. Used Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Soft Serve machines are expensive. There is no way around that fact. In my opinion, the better road to take is to buy a good quality used machine if you can get your hands on one. Just make sure you buy it from a reputable dealer. Buying from individuals is taking a bigger risk because most of them are interested in selling you the machine they own, so they aren’t necessarily offering what you work best for your business and your customers. Buying from Ebay or Craiglist, is also very risky. At TurnKey Parlor, we will help walk you through the machine that makes most sense for your business AND your budget.

To learn more about machines, get our FREE Soft Serve Machine BUYING GUIDE!  E-mailed to you instantly.

Ice Cream Machine Book

To learn more about machines, get our FREE Soft Serve Machine BUYING GUIDE!  E-mailed to you instantly.