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Used Full Yogurt Store Contents for Sale $29,900

May 10, 2016

See equipment list below and pictures HERE

(1) True Brand 3 Door Refrigerator Model T-72 Serial # 5205244

(1) True Brand 3 Door Freezer Model T-72 Seril # 5252933

(1) Ascend Commerical 1 Door Freeze Model JVL-21F Serial # VF21-0907-0065

(3) Complete POS Systems and 6 scales with 6 thermal printers (6) and cash drawers (6) (2 Micros e7 POS with back office computer/keyboard/monitor/mouse & 1 Aldelo POS)

(20+) rolls of thermal receipt paper

(1) True Cold Topping Bar Cabinet Refrigerator Model TSSU-27-08 Serial # 5296715

(5) Taylor Frozen Yogurt Machines Model 794-33

  Serial #’s K9088155 – K9074950 – K9088156 – K9074951 – K9076439

All Topping bar containers with spoons

All Miscellaneous storage containers & lids for toppings, yogurt, etc.

(10) Isignia Digital Photo Frame Signs for each flavor yogurt machine

(5) Customized Stainless steel shrouds for yogurt machines

(20) Ikea Chairs, white, green, pink

(5) Ikea Adult size Round tables, white

(1) Ikea Child Table, blue and (4) Ikea Child Chairs, blue, green

(1) Ikea high chair, white

(4) Ikea bar stools, white

(4) Stainless cup dispensers.

(1) Stainless Delivery Cart

(2) Insinia HD Flat-Screen TV’s 42″

(2) 48 in. W x 72 in. H x 18 in. Wire Chrome Finish Commercial Shelving

(1) 36 in. Wire Chrome Finish W x 16 in. L x 72 in.

(1) SENTRY Security Safe, 0.5 cu ft, Black with keys and combination

(1) Large Drop Safe with combination

(1) 6 foot ladder

(1) Floor Mop

(1) Mop Bucket

(1) Dust pan broom set

pictures HERE

Frozen Yogurt Stores For Sale – Full Contents and Equipment Package Deals

November 20, 2014

FROZEN YOGURT STORES FOR SALE – USED EQUIPMENT – See Complete Listings Below. We work with both buyers and sellers.

Want to open a yogurt store but aren’t sure how to go about it? Get our FREE ebook HERE

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Welcome to the largest used frozen yogurt store equipment market place in the world. We offer more brands than any other supplier. And there are brands we don’t offer, because we know better.  Shop with us and sleep comfortably knowing you are covered 100% by our buyer protection plan. Unlike the ebay style protection (which is doubtful at best) or craigslist (no protection and you might get swindled) we guarantee everything arrives as advertised and in working condition. If there are any mechanical malfunctions, we will pay 100% of the costs to get it fixed as long as you report the issue within the 14 day inspection period. NOBODY offers this type of protection. Other dealers make promises, but read the small print and you’ll see they always give themselves an out to avoid paying for any serious mechanical problems. You won’t find any internet “dirt” on because we deliver on our promises.

“Is opening a frozen yogurt store still a good idea? Can I make money doing this”? The short answer is yes, you can still make really good money if you play your cards right. Frozen yogurt stores are like any other business. Some open, some close.  Why do they close? Bad location, bad management, or simply spent way too much to get open and didn’t do the math on how much they needed to sell to support that investment. Buying lightly used equipment at a fraction of the cost, will limit your investment and shorten your payback term, increasing your chances of success in a big way. There are still many places across the country  where there is a  lot of opportunity. The timing is actually perfect to open a store at a fraction of the typical investment and make it a little money machine. If you want to read more on the subject, click HERE

When you buy used equipment from you will you get a great deal and your risk is much lower than buying from an individual seller. makes the transaction as painless as possible for both parties. We manage shipping on both ends with fully insured, reputable carriers. We take the time to answer buyer questions and make sure the deal is right for them. Our experience matching buyers and sellers spans more than 10 years and nobody does it better.  We are the “go to” company in this business and have plenty of verifiable references to prove it. Also have some pretty good general customer reviews you can see HERE

LOCATION NOT QUITE READY? Ask us about our storage space cost sharing program. Prices are the lowest at this time of the year…and waiting until just before your location is ready is not a great idea. Get the best price now and we will help pay part of your storage fees. Have questions? Unlike other equipment websites, we look forward discussing the business on the phone and actually helping you make the best decisions for your specific concept and most importantly, budget


Note: We are constantly updating this page with new deals, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, call us. 

Available Now!

Single Phase and Three Phase  air and water cooled machines starting from $3,990 (for quantities). Let us know how many you need and we’ll put together a great deal for you.

$28,500 – FULL STORE  with 3  Taylor Model 794 3 phase, air cooled. Beautiful stuff (option to make it 4 or 5 total machines). We will share shipping up to $1500. Details HERE

$25k Six (6) Stoelting F-231 machines, 1 phase, water cooled plus glycol system. Can you say “no brainer”? Call or email for more details. Want less than 6 machines? Let’s talk. Need single phase, air cooled F-231s instead? We can do six single phase, air cooled machines for $35k including shipping.

$5k – Three phase Glycol Chiller for 8 machines- made in 2012, good working condition.

$7k each for Two (2) Taylor Model 336-33 single phase, water cooled machines made in 2015. Like new! $7k each, includes shipping. These machines were $14k per unit just last year. pics HERE

$40k – Full Orange Leaf Store. SORRY THIS DEAL HAS SOLD> This equipment is in great shape. Stoelting machines were made in 2014, new in 2015. Total of 8 machines and a chiller. Want the deal with only 6 machines instead? $35k. Let’s talk. Again, this is a full store worth of equipment. Topping bars, refrigerator, point of sale system, and more. Details HERE

$25k – Five like new (2015) Donper BH7480 – SORRY THIS DEAL HAS SOLD – single phase, air cooled machines with assorted equipment including tables, chairs, POS system and more. Seller has to be out of space by end of the month and has priced it to move. We will pay half the shipping. Details HERE

$45K Full Store with Seven  SORRY THIS DEAL HAS SOLD (7) air cooled, single phase Stoelting F-231 machines. Equipment is in great shape. Machines brand new in 2013. Lots of good stuff. Don’t need 7 machines but like this deal? Lets talk. Might be able to keep two machines and reduce the total price. See pics and more details HERE

Three Stoelting 1ph air cooled machines made in 2012 – $17,900 includes shipping or $6,290 each.  HERE

$30k plus shipping: SORRY THIS DEAL HAS SOLD=but we have another store closing shortly that will be priced in same area – just finalizing details. So if you like this deal, let us know and we will put you in line for the next store coming up. $30k plus shipping (and we will pay half) for Full ORANGE LEAF store. All equipment was new in 2013. Ships from Northeast. This is an incredible deal because seller has to be out of location by year end. Eight (8) Stoelting F-231 machines, single phase, water cooled, plus everything you need to open a store AND the glycol chiller (3 phase). This one is priced to sell and FAST. See pics and details HERE

$25K full store Five (5) Taylor  SORRY THIS DEAL HAS SOLD C723 new in 2012, 3 phase, water cooled, plus full  store worth of equipment. Ships from PA. We will pay half the shipping. This one won’t last long. HERE Add a glycol chiller for $5k

$19,900 Full Store Equipment featuring SORRY THIS DEAL HAS SOLD – Six (6) Donper BH 7456 machines. Single Phase, air cooled. Plus other equipment. Ships from West Virginia. See pics HERE

$5,990 $4,990 up to Eight (8) Stoelting F-231 machines, made in 2012, first used in 2013. Single Phase, water cooled. $4,990 per unit includes shipping. Buy more than one, get a better per unit price. Call us.

$6,990 Single Phase Air Cooled Stoelting F-231 Machines – Single Phase, Air cooled. $6,990 per unit includes shipping. Buy more than one, price gets lower.

$45k for Six (6) Almost new 2015 SORRY THIS DEAL HAS SOLD Stoelting F-231 Machines – Single Phase, AIR Cooled. Cost $14k just last year. Your price is $7500 per unit if you buy all six. Want less than six? Let’s talk.





Frozen Yogurt Store Layout Floorplan Blueprint

November 4, 2011

Frozen Yogurt Store Layout Floorplan Blueprint