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Ice Cream Can Holders – Can Skirts – Can Clamps

Plastic Ice Cream Containers, Tubs, Cans, inserts, lids, tub covers, bucket trays, pails.

Can Collars – Tub Trays – with Night Lids (Made for 3 gallon cardboard tubs but will also fit Ropak plastic tubs)

Ice Cream Can Collars


can collarsice cream dipping cabinet skirtice cream tub trayice cream tub skirt

Night Lid photos below

Can Collars and Night Lids are made to fit the standard 9 3/4″ diameter cardboard 3 gallon tubs but will also work with Ropak 1.5, 2.5 and 3 gallon tubs approximate dimensions 10″ W X 10″D X 2 1/4″

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Can Holders Can Skirts Clamps tubs containers


Ice Cream Containers Ropak plastic

Fresh Made Sorbet – Photo Courtesy of Chuck over at Sweet Melody’s Gelato

Ropak Ice Cream Containers and Lids

See the different types of tubs and can holder systems below –

Please call to discuss… buying the right can holders for your cabinet can be very tricky. We want to make sure you buy something that will work for your specific situation.

If you’re going to make your own ice cream, best bet will be to use the Ropak Plastic Ice Cream Containers (aka – Tubs, Cans, Pails, Buckets). These will not work well with any can clamp/skirt system. They need to be paired with a Ropak rail and can holder kit.

Ropak – Reusable Ropak 1.5 gallon tubs – 60 per case – Buy them HERE
Ropak – Reusable Ropak 2.5 gallon tubs – 44 per case – Buy them HERE
Ropak – Reusable Ropak 3 gallon tubs – 40 per case – Buy them HERE
Ropak – Reusable Ropak Lids for 1.5, 2.5 and 3 gallon tubs – 200 per case – Buy them HERE
Ropak – Reusable Ropak Lids for 1.5, 2.5 and 3 gallon tubs – 100 per case – Buy them HERE
Ropak – Ropak 2 Hole Tray (Skirts for all Ropak tubs) One 2 hole tray* – Buy them HERE
*you need four of these for an 8 flavor cabinet
Ropak – Ropak 8 hole Kit (all hardware, rails, trays/skirts) – total kit – Buy them HERE
Dimensions of Ropak Plastic Ice Cream tubs
ropak 3 gallon ice cream tub ropak ice cream pails
round 2.5 gallon plastic ropak ice cream containers ice cream pails
ropak tubs italian ice containers 3 gallon
ROPAK RAILS AND CAN HOLDER KITS (click on pictures for closer view)
ropak hardware rails for inside dipping cabinetsinside parts for ice cream freezer to hold tubsropak railsropak plastic traysice cream station trays to hold italian ice bucket holders for inside dipping cabinet

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Can Holder Kit for TKPEDC-8 Freezers Below

The system below is SPECIFIC to our TKPEDC-8 dipping cabinet and will only work with this freezer and only with the traditional round, cardboard 3 gallon containers that are made by the big dairies and manufacturers like Edy’s, Breyer’s, Blue Bell, Blue Bunny, etc. It will work with various other types of ice cream containers, including squares, etc., but it will not work exactly the way it was designed to work. See more below.

8 can holder skirt

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The TKPEDC-8 comes with two bins like the ones you see pictured above. Essentially, each bin hangs on the inside ridges of the freezer and you put 4 tubs in each bin. The little white square you see inside this bin that has a small handle on it is used for the following:

Once you put the 4 tubs in the bin, you will notice the middle area has a square gap. Take the handle in your hand and place the white square into the square air space between the tubs and push down. This will create pressure against all 4 tubs and push them against the bin walls. This will help keep the tubs from spinning or moving while you scoop. Then simply place the plastic cover over the 4 tubs.

See the other pictures below.

8 can holder system
ice cream tub holders
Instructions below on how to use the can holders for our models TKPEDC-8 and TKPEDC-4   can holder kit for 3 gallon tubs Buy the night covers for our TKPEDC-4 and TKPEDC-8: night cover for ice cream tubs
Night Covers for TKPEDC-8 (one unit – covers 4 total tubs) Night Covers for TKPEDC-4 (set of 2 – covers 8 total tubs)

2 Choices to protect your ice cream 3 gallon cardboard tubs:

  Buy the solid white night covers with handle, or buy the plastic ones that are more like a coffee can lid and fit “snug” on 3 gallon cardboard tubs.

Fits Standard 3 gallon cardboard tubs (like those sold by the big companies like Edy’s, Dreyer’s, Blue Bunny and local dairies, etc. Note: While they fit over the 3 gallon tubs at night, they don’t fit snug. They basically sit on top of the tubs, with a little overlap. They may not fit in economy dipping cabinets. If you want a night lid that fits snug, like an old style coffee can lid, then you probably want the plastic lids pictured below this SP Night lid instead.

OR you can buy this night lid below instead

plastic lid for ice cream 3 gallon tubs

plastic lid for ice cream 3 gallon tubs. Unlike the Solid white SP lid with the handle, these plastic lids will fit snug on the tubs to create a tight seal at night. This might be your better option. Click on this picture to see cost, etc.

SP Ice Cream Can Covers (for 3 gallon tubs) – Set of 4 CLICK HERE FOR PRICING
SP Ice Cream Can Covers (for 3 gallon tubs) – Set of 8 CLICK HERE FOR PRICING   SP Ice Cream Can Covers (for 3 gallon tubs) – Set of 12 CLICK HERE FOR PRICING SP Ice Cream Can Covers (for 3 gallon tubs) – Set of 16 CLICK HERE FOR PRICING