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Used Frozen Yogurt Machines Taylor C723 Six units 2012 with Flavor Burst Machine Water Cooled 3 phase

February 24, 2015

DSC_0131 (2)


Six beautiful Taylor C723 machines. One of them with the Flavor Burst option, which can help set your store apart from all the others. Made in 2012, excellent condition. These units are counter top units put on specially made stainless steel table to make them easy to move and clean around.

$47,900 includes the flavorburst. We will ship them for free to any of the 48 states. You will also get up to $1500 in warranty funds for any training, parts or service needed within the first 90 days of operation (up to six months after they ship). A glycol chiller can be included for an extra $4,900.

With the Flavor Burst option, not only can you add 8 more flavors, but you can mix and match them for endless creations! Just use the fun and easy touch screen to select the flavor or flavors you would like to add and pull the handle down and watch as the bright flavors mix in. Try just Green Apple – or add Caramel too for a Caramel Apple. Try just Bubble Gum – or add Grape too for Grape Bubble Gum. AND it’s not just for kids! Try Mocha Cappuccino for the adults too! Add a new spin to your store with FLAVOR BURST! Want just the one machine with the flavorburst?   $11,900 includes shipping. Want just the flavorburst? $4900 includes shipping. Want just one of these counter top machines? $8,900 includes shipping

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Used Frozen Yogurt Machines – Full Store w six Stoelting F-231 Water cooled Three phase machines

February 9, 2015


$49,900 Full Store Worth Of equipment Featuring Six Stoelting F-231 Machines – 3 phase, water cooled.

We will pay up to $2000 in shipping costs (can be anywhere from $1500 to $5,000 depending on where you are) plus we will give you a $1,000 warranty for any service parts or training needed within the first 90 days of operating the machines.


Equipment List below. See pictures  HERE and  HERE


6 F231 Stoelting Machines (3 phase water,new in 2013)
2 A frame Signs
Asst High Bar stools
Asst White yogurt chairs
3 Message boards
1 plasma TV
1 I rock / I pad jukebox
2 Sunrise POS System with Text Messaging
2 Scales
1 Hot Fudge/ Caramel Warming station
2 Blenders
1 Ghirardelli tray stand
2 Small fridges
1 Large 2 door Glass fridge
1 Open Sign
1 lighted marker Sign
3 Decorative wall Circles
1 Cold Plate (cold topping bar)
Asst Toppings containers with spoons
3 Canister bottoms Bar
1 Double Yogurt Cup Dispenser
1 Small Freezer Chest
4 Tables
1 Bench Seating
Security Camera System
All small wares