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Used Taylor Model 794-33 Air Cooled 3 Phase

December 18, 2014


 Three (3) Used Taylor Model 794-33


Machines are Model 794-33 air cooled 3 phase, made in 2008, in great working condition.  Fully tested in our warehouse.

Used Taylor 794-33 Air Cooled Machines 20140118_155556 20140118_155606 20140118_155631 20140118_155710 20140118_155913

NOTE 1: We do not provide training or support or installation of Taylor machines. You will want to contact your local Taylor company and ask them what the cost is for them to come out and train you on the machines. This is a good idea if you have never used machines. Typically, it runs around $500-$750. If you have an existing shop, and already understand the machines, then fine – you can get away without the training. But if you are new to this type of machinery, it’s a good idea to get trained. We can help you with the basics of the phone, but again, a certified tech visit is a good idea.
WARNING: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A LICENSED ELECTRICIAN INSTALL THE MACHINES. We are not responsible for the machines (after a 2 week warranty period) – so make sure your electrician reads the spec sheet carefully to determine the electrical needs. Keep in mind these are 3 PHASE machines, and you need to have 3 phase power installed to use the machines. We cannot accept returns due not having 3 phase in your building.

NOTE 2:The machines will be fully insured against shipping damage, but only if you report the damage when you receive them. Meaning, if its cosmetic damage like a major dent we didn’t tell you about, make sure you note it on the paperwork (remember, these are used, so they do have some small dents, dings, and scratches, etc.). We can then file a claim for . If its major damage, as in, they stabbed the machine with a forklift or you can obviously tell it was dropped and damaged,  you NEED to make sure you communicate this clearly on the paperwork and make sure you call us and the shipping company to get it documented. If its major damage, an inspector will come out and work with us to determine a course of action – ie. get a tech out there to fix it, at the carrier’s expense. Remember, if you or someone representing you receives the machines without inspecting them, and then later finds damage, it will not be a good day for either of us. Damage needs to be documented upon receipt or we have little recourse. We pay the highest end shipping in order to avoid problems, and have never had a shipping company damage machines, but you still need to be aware of the policies.