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USED Nelson BDCX with Canopy

August 25, 2014

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USED Nelson BDCX with Canopy


Used Nelson BDC-8X cold plate cart with canopy. 2 years old. Normally close to $6k with shipping, your price is $3990. If you're looking to sell Frozen Novelties then the BDC8X Ice Cream Push Cart with a Canopy, this is the cart for you. This ice cream cold plate cart gives you the freedom to sell your novelties wherever you please. The cold plates can hold temp for up to 12 hours without the need for electricity or dry ice.

14 day warranty on ALL Used Equipment. We will fix any mechanical problems as long as they are reported within the first 14 days

  • Specifications
  • Lid locks standard on all models
  • Base frame to be welded aluminum
  • All exposed corners welded and polished smooth
  • Finished exterior to be white Lexan, standard
  • Wheels to be 6" or 8" diameter (2) swivel locks, (2) rigid
  • Interior of cart is 24 gallons
  • Bottom drain for defrost
  • Condensing unit on glide-out base with service valves
  • Carts to have 5 year limited warranty for cold plate failure, insulation failure or internal tubing leaks

BARELY USED 2013 BDC8 Nelson Novelty Cart

Your price $2490.00 includes shipping

Savings $650.00. Normal cost on this cart new is $3140.

Call soon this one will not last. Seller purchased it last year and due to health problems had to retire. So it only saw a few days of action. EXCELLENT condition, like new. It's in perfect working order. We guarantee it. If for some reason it isn't working when you get it, we will send a tech out to fix it. No questions asked.

Barely used 2013 Nelson BDC 8 Novelty Cold Plate Cart NSF approval

Thanks for reading this post!

Neil Williams

President – KeyWord Farm, LLC



Used Frozen Yogurt Store Equipent for Sale – Six Electro Freeze Machines $65,900

August 24, 2014

Frozen Yogurt Store for Sale New YorkSuper Cool New York City Themed Frozen Yogurt Store Equipment for Sale – Barely One Year Old – Featuring Six Electro Freeze SL-500 Machines and assorted equipment listed below. Seller paid over $130k just last year. Your price today is $65,900 with a $3,000 shipping credit (we pay up to $3k in shipping costs) plus a $2,500 warranty fund (90 days after machines are first operated or 6 months after you receive them, whatever comes first)

Store was beautifully done, sparing no expense, but the super high NYC rent makes profitability a real challenge.

See equipment list below and more pictures after that.

6 SL 500 Electro Freeze Water Cooled Machines

1 bally walk in refrigerator 5 10 by 7 6 wide stainless steel floor 30 inch super door

M9 POS System with 2 Ipads and 2 Scales








LED DISPLAYS ( wraps around the whole store) PD 9500.00

Stainless steel storage looks like a train with 2 tvs inside  PD 14,500


used walk in cooler frozen yogurt storeused walkin case for yogurt storeused elctro freez machines for yogurt storefront of machine

IMG_0725 IMG_0449 freezer backmachine2 back machine

4 used taylor model c723 made in 2013 – $39,900

August 14, 2014

4 used taylor model c723 made in 2013 – $39,900

Used Taylor C723 spec sheet

Excellent condition. We pay up to $1,000 in shipping costs + you get a $1500 warranty fund for any parts or service needed within the first 90 days. If you are interested, don’t delay. These will go fast. Buyer paid $60k less than a year ago.

Used Taylor c713 frozen yogurt machines

20140813_161841 used taylor frozen yogurt machines c 713 water cooled 3 phase used taylor ice cream machine c723 20140813_161638

Six Used Taylor Model 794 Water Cooled 3 phase plus assorted equipment $56,900

August 13, 2014

used taylor 794 frozen yoguhrt machines Six Taylor Model 794-33 water cooled three phase machines plus assorted equipment. $56,900 gets it all. Machines are in great condition. Made in 2011 and saw less than 3 years of operation.  You get up to $3,500 in free shipping costs and a $2500 warranty fund for any parts and service needed on any equipment during the first 90 days after they are put into operation. Also included: Walk in refrigerator (9′ X 8′), Aloha POS system with scale and printer, sinks, refrigerated drop in and sneeze-guard. taylor water cooled machines taylor used 794 aloha pos system 20140726_171425 3 bowl sink prep 20140726_170324 20140728_183656 20140809_123554 walk in cooler racking inside walk in 20140809_123018 20140809_122936 20140809_122829 20140809_122726 20140809_122545 20140809_122246

5 Used Stoelting F-231 Machines + Assorted Equipment $22,500.00 – UPDATED 2018**

100% warranty guarantees working condition of all equipment. Fully Insured during shipping. Call us for Shipping Quote. Not sure if this is the right machine for you?

Click HERE to get free machine comparison guide

Price: $22,500.00



3 Machine Yogurt Store Package - Machines are used, everything else is brand new. You get the 3 machines, a POS system, a 12-18 refrigerated topping bar, a 2 door commercial refrigerator, a 1 door commercial freezer,

  • One (1) Single Terminal POS System (Register) and Scale

Frozen Yogurt Store Scale Register POS

  • One (1) Refrigerated Topping Bar (12-18 toppings)

Image result for jbt36

  • One (1) TWO DOOR Refrigerator (to thaw frozen yogurt liquid mix)

  • One (1) ONE DOOR Freezer (store frozen yogurt liquid mix longer term)

Note: The second store featured in this video is the one we are offering here. Starts at 3:19 into the video.

Five Stoelting F-231 Air cooled single phase machines plus a lot of other equipment. Details to come.
The video below was taken when the store opened, so the equipment was brand new in the video.

The equipment is still in great condition. Pictures of actual equipment will be posted shortly, but the video will give you a good idea of what is included.

Keep in mind that this offer is of the SECOND store in this video, 5 machine store starting at 3:19 in the video.

Is the Frozen Yogurt Store Business Dead?

Unlike other equipment dealers who gloss over the fact that the frozen yogurt business is cooling off,  I’m here to give you the facts as I see them.

Is Frozen Yogurt dead? The short answer is No. It’s still a great business. But it is showing signs of slowing. And why not? All businesses reach a level where they are no longer “the new hot business to get into”.

The above said, there is still a lot of opportunity and cash to be made opening yogurt stores. You just need to be a little smarter than you needed to be in the past. A few years ago if you had money and some energy, you could make a lot of mistakes and still make money.

Today, there is still good money to be made for those who tread a little more carefully. No longer can you simply invest $300 to $400k in a franchise store and expect it to be a huge success. Too much competition in the larger markets. There are still pockets in large markets for good locations, but the biggest opportunity lies in smaller stores in smaller markets with less competition.

The positive to an industry reaching maturity is that it has now become a proven, money making business concept. 

Many people ask me why some yogurt stores have been going out of business. This is a natural question to ask if you see our “full yogurt store” used equipment listings. The simplest answer is…all industries have locations that don’t make it. Frozen Yogurt is no different than a coffee shop or a restaurant or deli or any other business. Bad location, negligent management or a host of other issues can bring a store down. It is a basic business cycle. We sell used ice cream store equipment – and ice cream stores have been around forever. Many open, some close. Its “nature”.

The way I see it, there are a couple of ways you can protect your downside and have the best shot at being successful.

1) Purchase a full store worth of used equipment. This limits your investment and gives you a shorter period to reach payback on that investment. As you know by now, we help match up sellers with buyers and we build in protective measures for both parties. I mention this because you need to be very careful if you buy used equipment directly from a seller. It’s risky. Buying from will not cost you a penny more and we will ensure that you are buying what makes sense for you. We hold 50% of a sellers $$ to ensure that you receive the equipment as advertised. We also manage shipping and fully insure it for damage. Lastly, we include a warranty for up to 90 days after you put the machines to work. I can’t tell you how many people bought used equipment only to come to me later wanting me to help them sell it. Why? One example – they bought 3 phase machines without realizing that their store location only had single phase power and no way to upgrade to 3 phase. This essentially rendered the machines useless to them. They took a big loss right off the bat. This is just ONE of at least 5 mistakes you can make buying used stuff on your own. Don’t expect a direct seller to help educate you. If you work with us, we will do our best to makes sure you don’t make rookie mistakes. See our latest deals HERE

2) Go new, but limit the # of machines – Its comforting to buy new equipment with full warranties. And sometimes there isn’t a used full store available that fits your needs. Going used isn’t for everybody. We can help you with brand new equipment packages that are reasonably priced helping keep the investment as low as possible. 

Whatever path you choose, we are here to help you along. Our hope is that you value the fact that we are about as neutral a party as you will find in the business. We sell all the brands and will not push you one way or the other. We do our best to present unbiased information and hope that this translates into equipment sales for us. Its not a complicated strategy.



Neil Williams

Three Used Taylor Model 336 Air Cooled Three Phase – $28,500

August 12, 2014

used taylor machine model 336-27

Three Taylor Mode 336-27 THREE Phase AIR cooled machines made in 2012.

These machines are in excellent condition at a great price. See spec sheet HERE

$28,500 includes shipping to 48 states, plus a $1500 total  warranty fund for any service or parts needed up to 90 days after the machines are put into operation.
taylor machine 012

taylor machine 009

taylor machine 004

Used Taylor Model 794 machines + Assorted Equipment $25,900

August 4, 2014

used_Taylor_794-33Three (3) Used Taylor Model 794-33 plus assorted equipment. Other items include a TRUE 2 door refrigerator, and a TRUE 2 door freezer, and a TRUE 18 flavor refrigerated topping bar  (no sneeze-guard, but we sell these new, so no problem there – about $300 new cost). Both in excellent working condition. Perfect for an operator looking to open a store and limit the investment. Also great if you want to add frozen yogurt to an existing business.

$25,900 – You would pay well over $60k plus shipping if you bought this equipment new. Want just the 3 machines, your price = $22,900. PICTURES AND VIDEO BELOW. You also get an “up to” $1000 warranty fund for any service or parts needed within the first 90 days after you put the machines in operation.

The machines are Model 794-33 air cooled 3 phase, made in 2008, good condition. As expected they have minor dings and dents on the panels, but that is cosmetic and does not in any way affect the performance of the machines. Air cooled means no plumbing requires. Just have an electrician hook them up and you’re ready to go. Just make sure you have access to 3 phase power in your location. If not, this isn’t the deal for you.

Click HERE for spec sheet on these Taylor 794’s

Equipment List:

Three (3) Taylor Model 794-33 Air Cooled 3 phase machines

One (1) TRUE Model T35 2 door refrigerator

One (1) TRUE Model T35F 2 door freezer

One (1) TRUE TSSU4812 eighteen topping refrigerated topping bar with 2 door under-counter fridge


20140118_155913 20140118_155710 20140118_155631 20140118_155606 20140118_155556 Used Taylor 794-33 Air Cooled Machines

2 Door True Refrigerator

2 Door True Refrigerator

True Freezer

True Freezer

topping bar used yogurt store pping table for yogurt store used freezer true used 2 door true freezer SAMSUNG used commercial 2 door refrigeratore stainless