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Frozen Yogurt Store Consulting – Design and Operations

March 9, 2014

The space design consulting means you get 2 one hour conference calls with an architectural firm
that has worked with us on several frozen yogurt stores. They will look at your location details, discuss it with you, come up with a space design. After that, you review it with them on the second conference call, and if you want to make small revisions, that’s fine. Then they will give you the revised drawing. This way, you can hand that drawing to your local architect, and they should bill you a lot less to get the “permit-able” final since they had a big head start. See a couple sample spacedesign drawings of a 4 machine store and a 5 machine store HERE.
The operations consulting is also 2 one hour conference calls. And 2 weeks of email Q&A support.m Nick Gossett  manages a 4 store chain and is our lead consultant and can answer almost any question related to operating a frozen yogurt stores. Things like, open/closing hours, how many employees and what times of the day, etc. To hear a sample of what one of these calls is like, click HERE, scroll down and click to download the .mp3  audio file.