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Yogurt Store Used- Full Contents – 4 TAYLOR Machines + Assorted items

January 30, 2014

Used Taylor 794-33 Air Cooled Machines

3 of the 4 Taylor Machines – Three are Air Cooled, One is Water Cooled. All are 3 Phase Power – Model 794-33

 Four (4) Used Taylor Model 794-33  Full Store worth of Equipment.

$34,900 with We pay up to $2k shipping- PICTURES AND VIDEO BELOW

Three of the machines are Model 794-33 air cooled 3 phase, made in 2008, excellent condition. The other one is a Taylor (same Model – 794-33, three phase) matches the other ones, but was made in 2010 and its water cooled. This is actually a good thing. You can hook up the water cooled machines right to city water, then you only have 3 machines blowing hot air in the back room, which means it will be easier to manage the back room temp. One water cooled machine uses minimal water, so no big monthly water bills.

 You also get a 90 day “warranty fund” of $1,500 to go toward any parts or service needed on any of the equipment.
All equipment in good condition. Was over $80k when purchased new and Taylor machines prices have continued to go up, so this is a great deal. See equipment list below as well as pictures.
NOTE :  Payments must be by wire transfer or check only.
WARRANTY “FUND”: We will include a $1,500 total “fund” for any repairs or non-wearable parts that might be needed within 3 months of the machines being delivered. This is an “up to” amount. We will not be responsible for any repairs needed over and above that figure. As long as you provide us invoices within the 90 day time period, we will pay up to the $1,500. The machines are in great shape, so you shouldn’t have to worry about this. We have tested them with real yogurt and had a Taylor technician come out to our warehouse and give them his seal of approval.


NOTE 1: We do not provide training or support or installation of Taylor machines. You will want to contact your local Taylor company and ask them what the cost is for them to come out and train you on the machines. This is a good idea if you have never used machines. Typically, it runs around $500-$750. If you have an existing shop, and already understand the machines, then fine – you can get away without the training. But if you are new to this type of machinery, its a good idea to get trained. We can help you with the basics over the phone, but again, a certified tech visit is a good idea.
WARNING: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A LICENSED ELECTRICIAN INSTALL THE MACHINES. We are not responsible for the machines after you receive them (other than the $1500 fund for parts/service) – so make sure your electrician reads the spec sheet carefully to determine the electrical needs. Keep in mind these are 3 PHASE machines, and you need to have 3 phase power installed to use the machines. We cannot accept returns due not having 3 phase in your building.

NOTE 2:The machines will be fully insured against shipping damage, but only if you report the damage when you receive them. Meaning, if its cosmetic damage like a major dent we didn’t tell you about, make sure you note it on the paperwork (remember, these are used, so they do have some small dents, dings and scratches, etc.). We can then file a claim for . If its major damage, as in, they stabbed the machine with a forklift or you can obviously tell it was dropped and damaged,  you NEED to make sure you communicate this clearly on the paperwork, and make sure you call us and the shipping company to get it documented. If its major damage, an inspector will come out and work with us to determine a course of action – ie. get a tech out there to fix it, at the carriers expense. Remember, if you or someone representing you receives the machines without inspecting them, and then later finds damage, it will not be a good day for either of us. Damage needs to be documented upon receipt or we have little recourse. We pay the highest end shipping in order to avoid problems, and have never had a shipping company damage machines, but you still need to be aware of the policies.

*******Neither the POS system or the Vitamix blender on the list are included in the deal – neither is in working condition and has been disposed of. Because of this and because we wanted to be as aggressive as possible , we reduced the price of this deal from $39,900 to the current $34,900********

Full Yogurt Store for Sale

Used Taylor 794-33 Air Cooled Machines 20140118_155556 20140118_155606 20140118_155631 20140118_155710 20140118_155913

This is the water cooled unit

This is the water cooled unit

This is the WATER COOLED Taylor 794

This is the WATER COOLED Taylor 794

used ice machine
used ice machines

True Freezer

True Freezer

used freezer trueused 2 door true freezer

2 Door True Refrigerator

2 Door True Refrigerator

SAMSUNGused commercial 2 door refrigeratore stainless
used deli case Trueused true back fed deli casepping table for yogurt store

topping bar used yogurt store

used deli case True











2 sets of Racking/Shelvin

2 sets of Racking/Shelvin

Frozen Yogurt Store Layout Drawing – Space Design Consulting

January 22, 2014

4 Machine Store Space Design Drawing Layout CLICK HERE

5 Machine Store Space Design Drawing Layout CLICK HERE 

Frozen Yogurt Catering Cart – Mobile Events Program

January 16, 2014

Frozen Yogurt Store Catering Cart  C Nelson Cart for mobile catering

Frozen Yogurt Store Catering Cart


Currently own or getting ready to

open a frozen yogurt store?

Don’t ignore the catering opportunity. You can make a lot of extra cash, and just as important, you build your brand and reinforce it in your community.

You can try and do it “on the cheap”, but that’s a bad idea and it will reflect negatively on your brand. Much better idea is to buy one of our Nelson catering ice cream carts with cold plates (they keep the yogurt cups frozen for up to 12 hours without the need for electricity). These units are the best in the biz. Strong, reliable and just plain great looking. See a bunch of pictures below.

Here’s a summary of the program costs and basics:

  • Approximate cost of the cart, depending on shipping location: $5590 with cold plates or $4600 without cold plates (prices include  shipping)
  • Approximate cost of graphics (logo on cart, etc) is $500 maybe less depending who does it (have a local sign co do them in vinyl)
  • Branded tent (we don’t sell this, but approx cost is about $1,000). You can probably buy it from a local sign company
  • You can go higher end with the Rosetto Dispensers (we don’t sell these. They are nice, but expensive). We sell an economy version of the Rosetto. Our cost is $75 per 3pk of dispensers). You would attache these to the steel sneeze-guard. Need to customize here a bit, but easy.
  • If you buy the cart without the cold plates, you will need power at the venue, or a generator. Cold plates means that as long at the cart is plugged in and set at the coldest temp the night before, the plates will hold the product all day without electricity. If you feel that most of the time you will have electricity at the venue, or you are ok with buying a generator (Honda 2000 watt generator works…about $1k) then you might be best off with the less expensive cart with no cold plates. It will be lighter, and that can make life easier when transporting the cart.

How its done:

  • Everyone will develop their own system over time, but in general terms,  people use 8 or 10oz cups or 12 oz cups, and pre fill them about 75% with yogurt, leaving space for toppings. Put a lid on them and put them in a freezer a day or 2 before, or right into the cart. You can fit about 400 eight oz cups…you do the math on the bigger cups.

Call us at 877-817-5716 to talk about it.

Order the cart before January 31, 2014 and get $150 off

Download detailed drawing with dimensions of  Yogurt Catering cart

cherry berry yogurt catering cart push cart with toppings yogurt cups mobile vending yogurt store catering mobile vending cart yogurt store catering events cups Yogurt cup catering cart Nelson Cherry Berry push cart with cold plates for yogurt cups mobile cart for selling yogurt cups mobile vending freezer cart push cart for frozen yogurt cup sales mobile catering cart for yogurt store Frozen Yogurt Catering Carts Froyo catering mobile events

filling yogurt cups in catering cold plate cart

filling yogurt cups in catering cold plate cart

Cart for selling pre-packed soft serve yogurt cups at events yogurt store cart mobile cart for yogurt store catering catering cart for yogurt frozen yogurt cart froyo cart frozen yogurt banner tent

cherry berry yogurt cart

yogurt and ice cream cart

yogurt catering trailer
Honda Generator for ice cream and yogurt catering cart

Ice Cream Dipping Cart – Nelson BD4-DIP-CE-00 Scooping Cart Video

January 15, 2014

Mobile Dipping Cart with cold plates. Perfect for Ice Cream, Gelato, Italian ice or custard.
Visual sneeze guard, digital thermostat, dry storage.

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Cold Plate Push Carts for Ice Cream – Nelson Video
Cold Plate Carts, Refrigerated plug-in carts for ice cream, gelato, Italian ices, beverages and more.



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Frozen Yogurt Machine For Sale – Rebuilding the OX500 VIDEO
Here is an instructional video on how to rebuild the OX500 Frozen Yogurt Machine

The OX500 is a great addition to any frozen yogurt store. Are you interested in opening your own froyo store? Give us a call at 877-817-5716 and we will help you out with any frozen yogurt store equipment as well as consulting on opening your own frozen yogurt store.


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Frozen Yogurt Machine – OX500 Frozen Yogurt Machine Capacity Video
Testing the capacity of the OX500 Frozen Yogurt Machine



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Commercial Frozen Yogurt Machine Control Panel VIDEO

Are you interested in starting your own frozen yogurt shop? Let TurnKey Parlor help you! This video is about basics of our Oxford OX-500 frozen yogurt and soft serve machine. It can also be used as a self serve frozen yogurt machine and soft serve frozen yogurt machine. How to use the control panel in your frozen yogurt shop.


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12 Pan Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream Store Topping Bar VIDEO

January 7, 2014

Twelve topping yogurt and ice cream refrigerated rail. Includes 1 door refrigerator to store your cold toppings. Same unit style with 2 doors is available in 18 topping model. One sixth foodservice pans and sneezeguard included.

Nelson Ice Cream and Gelato Dipping Cases VIDEO

C. Nelson Manufacturing High Visibility dipping cabinets. BD8DIP HV, BD12DIP HV, BD16DIPHV. Ice cream, Italian Ices, Gelato. These cabinets can handle it all and they last a long time


Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Store Equipment