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TurnKey Parlor Free Help Business Guides – Cart Vending, Soft Serve, Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream Business

November 27, 2013

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frozen yogurt store equipment

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Yogurt Store Equipment – 12 months old – Entire Contents – Save around $75K

November 25, 2013

REDUCED TO $62,450

See a ton of photos at the bottom of this post. He opened in a bad location, and tried to manage the store from afar. A bad combo. Sellers loss is your gain. It would take a lot more money and a lot more time invested to put this package together. If you value your time and your money, this is the deal for you. Don’t delay – it will go quick. It’s all packaged up in a 40 foot container and ready to ship. This is a package deal only and parts will not be broken up. You pay us 100% prior to shipping, we pay seller 50% to ship. Once you receive equipment, you will have 14 days to report back any issues with the equipment. If there are problems, we will dispatch a technician to fix them and I will pay for it out of sellers second 50%. In addition, we will hold $5k of the sellers $ for 90 days after you receive the machines, and if there are any problems with the machines in that period, we will pay up to $5k in repairs. So you are  covered. This is a “no-brainer”  and better than any deal on ebay or craigslist you’ll ever find.

PRICE OF $64,900 has been reduced to $62,450 This is priced to sell and FREE SHIPPING!

Someone will buy this deal quickly so please let me know if you are seriously interested. If you are interested, but you aren’t ready yet, I understand. I can’t really hold it for you, so maybe we can go back to the other packages I offer normally. If you are seriously interested, we need to move fairly fast on this.
Anyway, its a FULL store. Seller paid well over $130k for this equipment just last December.
This will make your life a lot easier than trying to consolidate all this by yourself.
See notes from seller below. I am representing the seller and I “blurred” the store name in the pictures as seller doesn’t want to be fielding calls.
Now you can start your own, or another, frozen yogurt store for 1/2 the cost!  Listed below is a one-time package offer that includes almost everything you would need to start a Froyo store.  The package cost if $64,950 includes shipping in USA.  To help show what an incredible value this is, 5 brand new Donper yogurt machines with shipping costs close to $64,950.  This package includes 5 Donper yogurt machines PLUS 38 other pieces of equipment or decor  —  see the list below  — for almost the same price.  ALSO, all the equipment was purchased new one year ago (or less for the items we purchased throughout the year.  For example the display freezer was purchased new only 3 months ago).  
Turn-key Frozen Yogurt Equipment Package for sale listing:
1) 5 – Donper yogurt machines BH 7480 – Floor model
2) Alamo Freezer Mod# CFD-2FF–82.5 inches tall; 53.5 inches wide and 32.5 inches deep; holds 96 gallons
3) Alamo Fridge Mod# CFD-2RR; holds 96 gallons
4) 2 Calypso POS systems with scales and printers made specifically for Froyo shops
5) Tabco 3 compartment sink: Wash-Rinse-Sanitize 41″ wide; 75″ long and 20.5 ” deep
6) Alamo 18 topping refrigerated bar (Mod # SCLM2) WITH custom made sneeze guard
7) 2 sink Food prep station –
8) Hand wash sink –wall mounted
9) 55 inch Panasonic TV with Blu-Ray Player
10) Alamo Display Freezer for selling quarts, cakes, pies, cookies, etc
11) 136.5 inch bacteria free (Silestone) countertop (tan in color) with base.  The base has cabinets and drawers on the opposite side of the customer.  (POS systems sit on this counter as well as dry toppings bar) The dimensions are 34.5 inches tall and 29.5 inches wide and 11.5 feet long.
12) 3 -Tall (bar height) customer tables with 15 tall stools (tables 41.5 ” tall; 2 feet by 2 feet table top).  All new.  Blue, yellow and pink-indoor chairs
13) 3 -short customer tables with 6 aluminum indoor/outdoor chairs
14) 6 out side tables and twelve chairs all metal – for your outdoor patio
15) 33 Plexiglas dry topping containers with scoops
16) Sound system and 4 Yamaha speakers (Mod#:NS-IC-600) for in ceiling
17) Lorex remote security camera systems with 8 cameras and monitor (works off of your smart-phone)
18) Electric Fireplace (Mod # Dimplex) with remote control–electric 31.5 inches long; 26.5 inches tall; approx 11 inches deep (beautiful)—
19) 2 surf boards for wall mounting or hang from ceiling
20) Wooden farmer’s cabinet/table for coffee and or popcorn maker
21) 2 large metal dry storage racks – 8 feet tall 3 feet wide
22) Commercial Movie Style Popcorn Maker 17 inches by 17″ by 25 inches tall
23) Cusinart Espresso maker – single
24) Keurig 1 shot coffee maker
25) “OPEN” neon- colored electric sign- 2 feet by 1 foot in size
26) 6 Blue / White Decorative lights 11″ long; 5″ wide
27) Aluminum trash can and multiple plastic trash cans
28) 2 outside umbrella’s
29) 1 high Chair for babies
30) 2 heated toppings servers with serving containers
31) 3 Big orange Decorative Lights 14″ top to bottom; 20″ wide (beautiful)
32) Ceiling light to shine on Fireplace or wall picture
33) 2 Tiny Tots tables and 4 chairs (plastic)
34) Vitamix “SwirlFusion Mixer”
35) 1 wall mount hand towel dispenser
36) Kitchen utensils, buckets, etc etc etc
Used Donper yogurt machines BH 7480 – Floor model

Used Donper yogurt machines BH 7480 – Floor model

upright freezers and coolers yogurt store equipment

used dry candy topping dispenser yogurt store

used lighting for yogurt store

 used yogurt store furniture

yogur store equipment used

Nelson BD16DIP RB Ice Cream Case – New in Crate – Save $1,000

Save over $1,000 on a brand new Nelson BD16DIP sixteen flavor ice cream dipping cabinet. Model is RB, meaning raised bottom. In other words, while most cabinets have storage underneath, this one does not. This is a perfect cabinet for someone who doesn’t need the bottom storage and therefore doesn’t need to worry about having a secondary “floor” or to stack the tubs on top of one another.





Used Nelson BDC-8 Push carts – REFURBISHED – WARRANTY

2003 thru 2006 Used Nelson Push Carts


Save $1,000 or more by purchasing one of  these Used Nelson Cold Plate Push Carts (Model BDC-8) for sale. All in Perfect working condition with warranty as detailed below. While they last. You can finance them with Paypal if you have decent credit and if you pay it back within the first 6 months, its zero interest.

Units range from 2003 to 2006. These will sell fast at these prices, so we don’t have individual pictures of each cart.

ALL carts to have brand new compressor systems installed  and come with a 1 year warranty on parts as well as a 5 year warranty on the compressor.

Prices while they last. Only have a couple from each year left.


2003 Models (free shipping 48 states) = $2,090  ALL SOLD

2004 Models (free shipping 48 states) = $2,190

2005 Models (free shipping 48 states) = $2,290 ALL SOLD

download drawing HERE download spec sheet HERE

Call: 877-817-5716



Used Nelson Carts



This is what the cart looks like without the lexan panels. Just the painted steel

Used Nelson Model BDC-8 Push Carts with Cold PlatesUsed Nelson Cold Plate Model BDC-8 Push Carts with Cold Plates


Used Taylor Frozen Yogurt Machines – Four (4) Model 794-33 – Three Phase Water Cooled – $29,900 Package Deal

November 14, 2013

4 Taylor 794-33 Used Frozen Yogurt Machines

4 Taylor 794-33 Used Frozen Yogurt Machines


USED EQUIPMENT – Four (4) Taylor Yogurt Machines – $29,900 with Free Shipping to 48 states – Package Deal Only –


Package Deal: Four (4) Used Taylor Frozen Yogurt Machines Model 794-33. Barely 3 years old. Manufactured in December 2010.
Three Phase – Water Cooled. Fully Tested and in excellent working condition. $2500 warranty “fund” for any parts
or service needed within the first 3 months after you receive the machines.
Shipping with inside delivery is included in the $29,900.This deal won’t last.
NOTE 1: We do not provide training or support or installation of Taylor machines. You will want to contact your local Taylor company and ask them what the cost is for them to come out and train you on the machines. This is a good idea if you have never used machines. Typically, it runs around $500-$750. If you have an existing shop, and already understand the machines, then fine – you can get away without the training. But if you are new to this type of machinery, its a good idea to get trained. In fact, we will be happy to pay you back $500 out of the warranty fund toward the training.
MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A LICENSED ELECTRICIAN INSTALL THE MACHINES. We are not responsible for the machines after you receive them (other than the $2500 fund for parts/service) – so make sure your electrician reads the spec sheet carefully to determine the electrical needs. Keep in mind these are 3 PHASE machines, and you need to have 3 phase power installed to use the machines. We cannot accept returns due not having 3 phase in your building. In addition, these are water cooled machines, so you will need to have them plumbed. Not complicated stuff, but you need to have a plumber do it. Three Phase/Water cooled machines are great for saving on electricity.
 We will include a $2500 total “fund”  for any repairs or non-wearable parts that might be needed within 3 months of the machines being delivered. This is an “up to” amount. We will not be responsible for any repairs needed over and above that figure. As long as you provide us invoices within the 90 day time period, we will pay up to the $2500. The machines are in great shape, so you shouldn’t have to worry about this.
The machines will be fully insured against shipping damage, but only if you report the damage when you receive them. Meaning, if its cosmetic damage like a major dent we didn’t tell you about (remember, these are used, so they have some small dings and scratches, etc.), you need to note is on the paperwork. We can then file a claim. If its major damage, as in, they stabbed the machine with a forklift or you can obviously tell it was dropped and damages you NEED to make sure you communicate this clearly on the paperwork, and make sure you call us and the shipping company to get it documented. If its major damage, an inspector will come out and work with us to determine a course of action – ie. get a tech out there to fix it, at the carriers expense. Remember, if you or someone representing you receives the machines without inspecting them, and then later finds damage, it will not be a good day for either of us. Damage needs to be documented upon receipt or we have little recourse.

See pictures below and MORE PICTURES HERE

4 Taylor 794-33 Used Frozen Yogurt Machines

4 Taylor 794-33 Used Frozen Yogurt Machines

Used 794-33  3 phase water cooled

Used 794-33
3 phase water cooled

Water Cooled Taylor Machines 3 phase. Used photo 1 (2)photo 5 (1) photo 3 Used Taylor Model 794-33 Water Cooled Three Phase Yogurt MachinesUsed TAYLOR Commercial yogurt Machined - 15 Used TAYLOR Commercial yogurt Machined - 14 Used TAYLOR Commercial yogurt Machined - 13 Used TAYLOR Commercial yogurt Machined - 12 Used TAYLOR Commercial yogurt Machined - 11 Used TAYLOR Commercial yogurt Machined - 10 Used TAYLOR Commercial yogurt Machined - 9 Used TAYLOR Commercial yogurt Machined - 8 Used TAYLOR Commercial yogurt Machined - 7 Used TAYLOR Commercial yogurt Machined - 6 Used TAYLOR Commercial yogurt Machined - 5 Used TAYLOR Commercial yogurt Machined - 4 Used TAYLOR Commercial yogurt Machined - 2

Oxford Frozen Yogurt Machine with Cielo Frozen Yogurt Powder Mix

November 9, 2013

Instructional Frozen Yogurt Powder Mix Video in the Oxford Commercial Machine using Cielo Powder Mix. Demonstration by Neil williams of Turnkey Parlor.

Hope you enjoy! Let us know if you have any comments and/or questions. 🙂

-Neil Williams

Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Store Equipment

Counter Top Frozen Yogurt Machine – OX-850 Video

OX-850 Table/Counter Top Soft Serve and Frozen Yogurt Machine

Perfect for coffee shops, delis, ice cream stores and more! A great way to add a frozen yogurt and/or soft serve to your business.

Makes a great product!

-Neil Williams

Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Store Equipment


Commercial Frozen Yogurt Machine Cleaning and Sanitizing Video

Commercial Frozen Yogurt Machine Cleaning & Sanitizing Video

How to clean and sanitize the Oxford OX500 Frozen Yogurt Machine:


Hope you enjoy! Let us know if you have any questions and/or comments.

-Neil Williams

Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Store Equipment


Froze Yogurt Machine – OX-500 Frozen Yogurt Powder Mix Cost Per Ounce – Video

Instructional video on making a frozen yogurt powder mix per oz. with the OX500 Frozen Yogurt Machine!

Hope you enjoy! Let us know if you have any questions.

-Neil Williams

Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Store Equipment


Turnkey Parlor offers:

frozen yogurt machines for sale

used frozen yogurt machines

commercial soft serve yogurt machines

frozen yogurt soft serve machine

frozen yogurt soft serve machine

Frozen Yogurt Machine- “Adjusting Air Content” Video

Check out this new video on adjusting the air content in frozen yogurt machines!

How to adjust overrun in gravity fed soft serve and frozen yogurt machines. Oxford Frozen Yogurt Machines OX500 used in the demonstration.

Let us know what you think!

-Neil Williams