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Used Stoelting F-131 Countertop Frozen Yogurt Machines – Save $23k

March 15, 2013

TurnKey Parlor just bought equipment that was worth $59k about 2 years ago. You get it for $35,900 with shipping included. Package deal will not be broken up. Pieces will not be sold separately.

Seller opened shop 2 years ago for his wife to run. Store was doing well, relationship wasn’t. End result? Had to close and sell it off. Equipment has seen very little use, as store was seasonal and only open 6 months a year. Key equipment: Four Stoelting F-131 counter-top machines, 2 drop in topping bar coolers, 2 sets of sneeze-guards, 2 sets of scale/printer. Original invoices and specs sheets are below.

NOTE 1): Contrary to what other people selling used equipment will tell you, manufacturer warranties on yogurt machines DO NOT transfer. All equipment is sold and accepted “AS-IS”, with no warranties, express or implied. This equipment is in great condition, so this isn’t really a big deal, but I like to put everything out there when I sell used equipment.

The machines will be fully insured against shipping damage, but only if you report the damage when you receive them. Meaning, if its cosmetic damage, you accept it and write damaged on the unit and we will file a cosmetic damage claim – and we will refund a small portion for cosmetic damage (dent or scratch). If its major damage, you have the right to refuse the damaged machine. You can’t accept the machines, and then later claim damage, so be aware of that.

You will have 14 days from the day you receive the machines to report any problems. If you report an issue with the equipment within the 14 days, we will pay for a tech to come out and service it and pay for any parts. In other words, if anything is wrong with the equipment, and you report it within 14 days, we will fix it. After that, you are on your own.

NOTE 2: We do not provide training or support or installation of Stoelting machines. You will want to contact your local Stoelting company and ask them what the cost is for them to come out and train you on the machines. This is an important investment. Typically, it runs around $500. If you have an existing shop, and already understand the machines, then fine – you can get away without the training. But if you are new to this type of machinery, you will want to make that investment.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A LICENSED ELECTRICIAN INSTALL THE MACHINES! We are not responsible for the machines after you receive them – so make sure your electrician reads the spec sheet carefully to determine the electrical needs.

NOTE 3: I don’t mean to sound harsh, but because this is a very “hot” deal so we need to put certain rules in place. First rule is the prices ARE FIRM – not negotiable. Second: Payments must be by wire tranfer only. Third: If you want it, you need to commit. This means: if you can’t do the wire transfer immediately, you need to put down a $1,500 non-refundable, non-disputable credit card deposit in order to hold the equipment. We will then expect you to wire the balance the next working day. It needs to be this way because if you’ve been following our deals for a while now, you know the don’t last more than a day most of the time.

We cannot hold the equipment – once you’ve ordered it, you have to be able to receive it in approximately 2 weeks.

See a breakdown of the equipment, and what they paid for it.

Quantity            Equipment                            Orig. cost              Description                                                              
     4                   Stoelting F-131 Countertop   $ 52,000               In great Shape-May need drip Trays- $25 each
     2                   Piper drop-in Coolers         $ 3,140                  In great shape
     2                   Sets of sneeze guards          $ 1,242                 In great shape
     2                  Hobart Scales w/ Printer      $ 2,863                 In great shape- May need 1 touch pad screen $10
                          TOTAL                                   $ 59,245

 YOUR COST IS $35,900

Original Invoices totaling $52k


SPEC SHEET FOR Stoelting E131-F131

Used stoelting f-131 countertop machine

Used Stoelting F-131 counter-top machines

used yogurt machine

used f-131 stoelting

used scale frozen yogurt store

Scale with Printer


used drop in topping bar

used drop in topping bar

Original Invoices totaling $52k


Yogurt Machines:
4 Stoelting Machine, Model:  F131-381-YG2
Serial numbers:
1-   3329907GE
2-   3330607GE
3-   3330707GE
4-   3330207GEDrop In Coolers
2 Piper Drop In Coolers, Model: CW-2
Serial numbers:
1-   200091007008
2-   200091007005
2 Hobart Scales with Printer, Model: SL-100
Serial Numbers:
1-   EG-1000238
2-   EG-1000839

Used Frozen Yogurt Machines – Good or Bad Idea?

March 6, 2013

Used Frozen Yogurt Machines

Good or Bad Idea?

Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt Machine Buyers Guide and Information


So you want to add  soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt, but starting to realize the machines aren’t cheap. Going new would be nice, but at an average cost of $15k for a two flavor machine  you’re having second thoughts. Hmm…doing the math, that is a lot of soft ice cream or frozen yogurt to sell before you achieve payback on the investment. So you start thinking about used and search google. This starts to give you a headache because there are so many choices, and you can’t tell what is a good deal and what isn’t. Or who you can trust not to sell you garbage.  You also need to make sure the machines are the right model for the type of store you want to open. This can be tricky. There are companies out there who rebuild older machines, but the catch is that they have old technologies. This can be a huge problem. I wouldn’t buy an older model (I draw the line at 10 years old, anything within 10 years old is still a relatively new machine in machine years – they last a long time) machine for many reasons –  higher electrical requirements, no refrigerated hoppers and  a host of other problems. But these guys who rebuild machines won’t be up front about how old the machines are, and if you don’t know how to figure that out, you can be taken for a ride.

We all know that Frozen Yogurt machines can be expensive. In my opinion, the better road to take is to buy a good quality used machine if you are able to get one. You must make sure you buy it from a reputable dealer. Buying from individuals is taking a much bigger risk because most of them are interested in selling you the machine they own as quickly as possible. This means they won’t really be offering what you work best for your business and your customers. Individual sellers also don’t properly represent what they have, because most don’t even know the specs of their own machines! Buying from Craigslist or Ebay, is also very risky. At TurnKey Parlor, we will help walk you through the machine that makes most sense for your business AND your budget.

Two things that can help. 1) Download our free soft serve machine comparison guide HERE and 2) Get on our Used Equipment update list below, so you’ll receive a weekly email with the latest and greatest used machines each time our used inventory is updated.

Click HERE to get a free ebook on how to open a frozen yogurt store.