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Used Gelato Cart – Save $3,000 + Like New

September 22, 2011

used gelato carts

Used Gelato Dipping Cart

Just drove off the lot and you save more than $3,000.

Ok, so it didn’t just drive off the lot, but you get the idea. It was purchased late last year, and only used sparingly. Family bought it to put kids to work…..and they weren’t very motivated kids:-)

Anyway, they paid $12,700 when you put everything into it. This is a Nelson BD8-DIP-CE-04. Cart with visual display, removable sliding doors, gelato pan racking for 8 five liter pans and cold plates and beautiful canopy with storage shelf, shade barrier and lighting.

Also includes a fully self contained dip well system AND a fully self contained single bowl sink. This cart has the works!!! Perfect for Dipping Gelato, Ice Cream or Italian Ice. Download the drawing below.

You can have it, including shipping, for only $8900. Cost is not negotiable. Includes gelato pan racking (but not the pans). Call me at 877-817-5716

BD8-DIPCE-04 Drawing with dimensions



Upright Storage Cooler (Refrigerator) for Frozen Yogurt Mix – 3 DOOR

September 8, 2011

Lowest price in the market for  High Quality 3 Door Refrigerators. Perfect for busy Self Serve Frozen Yogurt Stores.

If you’re going with a liquid mix like, Honey Hill Farm, Dreyer’s/Edy’s or Yocream, you’re gonna want a 3 door cooler.

The mix comes in frozen, and takes about 48-72 hours to thaw in the fridge. So you don’t need much freezer storage – you need mostly refrigerated storage, that’s why you want this unit.

We have negotiated a deal with Metalfrio Solutions, to offer customers the absolute lowest prices on new 3 Door units due to land here the first week in October.

Normally $3800, special introductory price for orders placed in September (units can be held and delivered later) of $3220 with FREE SHIPPING. Compare to other 3 door coolers that run well over $4k. This deals saves you close to a grand or better. Call us at 877-817-5716 if you have questions or want to get your order in early. We also have fantastic pricing on 1 and 2 door upright coolers and freezers, as well as glass door merchandisers.

The best part is that these quality coolers come with the best warranty in the business. 5 year on compressor, 18 months on parts AND labor. Most other companies, even the highest end brands don’t dare offer 18 months labor. Best you’ll find out there is 1 year labor warranty. Not Metalfrio. These guys stand behind the quality of their equipment, and the warranty proves it. Call us at 877-817-5716

Metalfrio 3 Door Solid Stand Up Cooler Refrigerator Frozen Yogurt Mix Storage

Nelson 8 Foot Dipping (16 Flavors) Cabinet Model BD16DIP – Save $800

Used Nelson Dipping Cabinet Blemised - xtra foam

Nelson BD 16 DIP “Blem” Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet

Holds 16 tubs on top, 12 in storage underneath – total of 28 three gallon tubs. Can also be fit with gelato racking.

Features and Benefits you get from Nelson cabinets that arguably make them better than the rest are listed below (see more specs below – please call with any questions).

1.  Stainless steel interior, not painted white.  You will not scrape off paint ever on the Nelson cabinets and they will look good and sanitary for a long time.

2.  Nelson uses a welded stainless steel rim around the freezer top opening.  The Nelson rim lasts the life of the cabinet, others use plastic that wears and needs replacing every few years.

3.  Nelson has a digital control with bright red LED display of the temperature.  The display is easy to read and convenient to set (set temperatures one degree at a time if necessary).
4. Nelson’s clog Free Condenser Coil helps unit to last much longer without having to worry so much about cleaning the coil.

  • BD16DIP $4470 cost direct from Nelson………..TURNKEYPARLOR.COM Price on this “blem” model= $4470 LESS $800 MAKES IT ONLY $3670 (add optional can skirts below and shipping to this total)

  • OPTIONAL Can Skirt System for 3 gallon round cardboard tubs OR Ropak Rail and Can Tray Holder system = $695

shipping per unit within 48 United States (three choices):

    • Standard (means you have a forklift, or a loading dock, or 3 stong guys to unload the freezer from the truck): $390

    • Inside Delivery (means they bring it inside your store – just inside the door – you un-crate it and put it in place): $650

    • Inside, White Glove Delivery: (they bring it inside, they un-crate it, they set it in the place you want it, and they remove garbage): $790

You can also purchase an extended warranty on the compressor (from 1 year to 5 years for $40 per unit)


Nelson Ice Cream Freezer BD16DIP

Nelson BD16DIP


Nelson 16 drum dipping cases

Nelson BD16DIP 88" sixteen flavor dipping case

free frozen yogurt business plan

Ice Cream Business Plan Guide Book
Ice Cream Business Plan Guide

Used Ice Cream, Gelato or Italian Ice Dipping Cart

September 2, 2011

Used Ice Cream, Gelato or Italian Ice Dipping Carts.

Excellent Condition – Used by over the last 3 years for trade shows and other events – this unit has seen very limited action and is in perfect shape. Dimensions = 42″ X 30″ X 34″.It’s been tested and comes with 90 day factory warranty. The cart is a model BD4-CE-00 with a dry storage extension. New, with shipping included, this cart would cost you $3900. It also comes with 2 cut outs, to drop in 2 topping pans.

You cost is $1890 with free shipping to 48 states. Like all of our used carts, this one won’t last, so if you are interested call us right away: 877-817-5716. First come first serve.

You can add a visual sneeze guard for $300 (see video below for an example of what the cart would then look like). The cart does not have cold plates, so it is meant to remain plugged in. If you plan on using it to dip in situations where you won’t have electricity, you can purchase a package of 6 cool packs for $250. (see 2nd video on our CLT-4 NR below to see what the cool packs look like).


used ice cream gelato italian ice carts

Lightly Used BD4-CE-00 with dry storage extension $1890 w free shipping

Watch Video Below on a BD4-CE-00 to see what this cart looks like with a sneeze guard:

Watch video Below to See what the cool packs look like: