Upright Storage Cooler (Refrigerator) for Frozen Yogurt Mix – 3 DOOR

September 8th, 2011 by

Lowest price in the market for  High Quality 3 Door Refrigerators. Perfect for busy Self Serve Frozen Yogurt Stores.

If you’re going with a liquid mix like, Honey Hill Farm, Dreyer’s/Edy’s or Yocream, you’re gonna want a 3 door cooler.

The mix comes in frozen, and takes about 48-72 hours to thaw in the fridge. So you don’t need much freezer storage – you need mostly refrigerated storage, that’s why you want this unit.

We have negotiated a deal with Metalfrio Solutions, to offer TurnKeyParlor.com customers the absolute lowest prices on new 3 Door units due to land here the first week in October.

Normally $3800, special introductory price for orders placed in September (units can be held and delivered later) of $3220 with FREE SHIPPING. Compare to other 3 door coolers that run well over $4k. This deals saves you close to a grand or better. Call us at 877-817-5716 if you have questions or want to get your order in early. We also have fantastic pricing on 1 and 2 door upright coolers and freezers, as well as glass door merchandisers.

The best part is that these quality coolers come with the best warranty in the business. 5 year on compressor, 18 months on parts AND labor. Most other companies, even the highest end brands don’t dare offer 18 months labor. Best you’ll find out there is 1 year labor warranty. Not Metalfrio. These guys stand behind the quality of their equipment, and the warranty proves it. Call us at 877-817-5716

Metalfrio 3 Door Solid Stand Up Cooler Refrigerator Frozen Yogurt Mix Storage