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We believe that our consulting will prove more valuable than
the money we will save you in equipment start up costs. Why? For starters, if
you miss just one of the critical piece of information needed to succeed in this
business, it could cost you thousands. It’s no secret that most people want to
be their own boss. I mean, who doesn’t? Bottom line is – you can do it, but you
need help. You need a team who can teach you the ropes. That help can be found
here at

Here is a basic outline of the information you will get with
our $149 consulting package which carries a 100% satisfaction money back
guarantee. (we also have a free newsletter which you can
sign up for below

  • 90 days of e-mail question and answer support
  • Help with Location/Site Selection Analysis: Traffic
    patterns, area demographics, etc.
  • Lease Rates – How much is too much? How much rent should
    you be paying as a % of forecasted sales? How you can negotiate this
    important aspect of a start-up.
  • Strategies that will help you get the most out of your
    ice cream suppliers. Can they do better? We will let you know if the volume
    you are/will be purchasing warrants a better price.
  • Tricks to help increase traffic, build repeat business.
    When to promote.
  • Help with your customized business plan (see notes below)
  • Flavor placement: YES, it matters where you put certain
    flavors – here’s why.
  • Menu Development 
  • Pricing – Strategies that will add to your bottom line
  • Basics on employee training.
  • Proper scooping techniques. This is one of the most
    important aspects of the business which most people seem to miss.
  • Keep your customers coming back.
  • Hand Packing Pints, Quarts for take-home. Is this a good
    idea or is it better to sell pre-packed product?
  • Should you have novelties (stick bars, etc.) in your
    store, or will this cannibalize sales of the more profitable scoop product?
  • Should you sell by scoop or by weight?
  • How many scoops do you REALLY get out of a 3 gallon tub?
  • Can you expect your supplier to pay if your ice cream
    melts down because of a freezer problem or power outages?
  • Deals that seem great but really aren’t.
  • What you can expect a supplier to help you with before
    you open
  • and a ton more….

But that’s not all. The fact is, we keep on top of industry
trends and will keep you in the loop on important industry developments
(via our free newsletter)
. We also recognize that our business “know how”
and our ability to share this with you is only one piece of the puzzle. Just as
important is the fact that you need a business plan to help develop a road map
to success in the ice cream business. We’ve done a ton of research on ice cream
specific business plans and have reached the conclusion that Jason Lexell and
his team have developed what is by far the best ice cream business plan
available today. It’s very simple to use. We highly recommend it and know it
inside out. We can help you customize it for your specific needs.

Where can you catch a glimpse of this fantastic business plan
template? Follow the link below to find out more about it. If you purchase the
business plan (only $79), you will receive a coupon for a $50 discount off our
TurnKeyParlor Q&A suppor (coupon expires the dame day you purchase the business
plan, so if you want to save the $50 on the support, make sure you come back to
our site to buy it the same day. Otherwise, you can come back and purchase it at
our regular $149 price).

Here is the link to the business plan: Business Plan

You are not required to buy both the business plan and the Q&A
support, but we recommend that you do just that. The bottom line is that most of
your questions will come from other aspects of starting up the business, many
unrelated to the business plan itself. If you decide you would prefer to give
the business plan a shot before purchasing the Q&A support, you can always come
back to us and buy our Q&A support at a later date. Again, if you would like to
review the features and benefits of the Business Plan,
follow this link. Business Plan

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on our Q&A support. There
is also a 100% guarantee on the business plan. No questions asked.

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