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 Have you been thinking about getting into the
ice cream business? We can help lead the way.

Our consulting, in combination with a solid ice cream specific
Business Plan, will be as important as the money we will save you in equipment
start up costs.  Why?

If you miss just one of the critical pieces of information
needed to succeed in this business, it could cost you thousands. It’s a good
idea to have someone on your side who can provide an objective, unemotional
point of view – especially when you begin negotiating such things as a lease. We
won’t let you pay too much.  We’ll also be “up-front” and tell you straight
out if the location you are looking at spells trouble. It’s nice to know someone
who can be a “friend in the business”. Why not invest a minimal amount of
money to learn more and get some guidance?

We know that people who take the initiative to educate
themselves on “their own dime” are the people who are serious about
taking the steps necessary to succeed in their own business. If you’re ready to learn more about the ice cream parlor
business, then take a sneak peek at the wealth of information you will
receive in our

free e-book
You can then decide if you want
to take it to the next level, and purchase our E-Mail Question and
Answer Support (see buy now button below).

  • E-mail question and answer support – and yes, we answer
    our e-mail’s quickly. We also provide a special e-mail address for those who
    have paid for Q&A support.
  • Help with Location/Site Selection Analysis: Traffic
    patterns, area demographics, etc.
  • Lease Rates – How much is too much? How much rent should
    you be paying as a % of forecasted sales? How you can negotiate this
    important aspect of a start-up.
  • Little known strategies that will help you get the most
    out of your ice cream suppliers. Can they do better? We will let you know if
    the volume you are/will be purchasing warrants a better price.
  • Tricks to help increase traffic, build repeat business.
    When to promote.
  • Help with your customized business plan
  • Flavor placement: YES, it matters where you put certain
    flavors – here’s why.
  • 4 secrets you NEED TO KNOW before you buying a used soft
    serve machine. New ones are expensive and many times it makes sense to go
    used, but you need to know what to “look out” for.
  • Menu Development 
  • Pricing strategies that will add to your bottom line
  • Basics on employee training.
  • Proper scooping techniques. This is one of the most
    important aspects of the business which most people seem to miss.
  • Keep your customers coming back.
  • Hand Packing Pints, Quarts for take-home. Is this a good
    idea or is it better to sell pre-packed product?
  • Should you have novelties (stick bars, etc.) in your
    store, or will this cannibalize sales of the more profitable scoop product?
  • Should you sell by scoop or by weight?
  • How many scoops do you REALLY get out of a 3 gallon tub?
  • Can you expect your supplier to pay if your ice cream
    melts down because of a freezer problem or power outages?
  • Deals that seem great on the surface but really aren’t.
  • What you can expect a supplier to help you with before
    you open
  • and a ton more….

We belong to major ice cream organizations and keep on top of
the latest trends. In turn, we will keep you in the loop on important industry
developments. You can begin asking questions immediately!

$199 Consulting Package – 90 Days of E-Mail Question and Answer Support.
Basically, you download our

free e-book
, and then you have access to ask us questions via e-mail for
90 days.

We also recognize the importance of having a business plan. A business
plan is important in order to help develop the road map to success. It helps
provide you with a clear vision of where you are going and the steps you
need to take to get there. We’ve done a ton of research on ice cream
specific business plans and have reached the conclusion that Jason Lexell
and his team has developed what is by far the best ice cream specific
business plan available today. It’s very simple to use and will save you a
lot of time!! Don’t fall for those other so called ice cream store business
plans. These are put forth by companies that offer every business plan
template under the sun. They just insert the words ice cream into a “run of
the mill” template. The plan for a bakery is the same as it is for an auto
mechanic’s garage. Those are very generic and will frustrate you. Jason’s
business plan was put together using data and commentary by experts in the
ice cream business who know what it takes, not someone who took a software
program and labeled it 50 different ways.

Here is the link to Jason Lexell’s Ice Cream Specific Business Plan:

Ice Cream Business Plan

Free Ice Cream Business Plan


We look forward to helping you with your venture!